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Monstera Leaf Necklace | Mini-Make

Tropical plants and big leafy patterns and prints are a huge trend at the moment, you’ll find them everywhere! The ‘Monstera’ plant, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, in particular, has made a huge comeback from it’s 1970’s debut. As more people are loving a little greenery in their lives this holey-leafed plant is taking over our home decor..and jewellery! Today we launched the NEW sterling silver 925 monstera leaf charm (also available in gold plated sterling silver) and we thought that since it’s Monday we just had to include this charm for a special Monstera Mini-Make Monday!

Project Materials

Sterling Silver 925 Leaf Charm ‘Monstera’ (SS608)
Sterling Silver Extra Fine Trace Chain with Clasp 16 inches (CH22)
Sterling Silver 925 Jumprings 6mm  Pk10 (SS180)


This mini-make couldn’t be simpler! All you have to do is use a pair of pliers to carefully open the jumpring (like this), link it through the top hole of the charm and close it around the chain.


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