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‘Very Berry’ Preciosa Bracelets | Mini Make Monday

Stretch bracelets have to be one of the simplest jewellery making projects of all time! All you need is some elastic cord, some pretty little beads and a drop of Fevi Kwik glue for an instant bracelet. For this week’s Mini-Make Monday I’m using the NEW Preciosa glass shapes beads. I particularly love the flower spacer beads – they’re so cute and shiny! When you pair them with a soft, matte colour the shiny finish of the flowers makes a fantastic contrast to your overall design.

If you’re beginning to plan your Autumn & Winter jewellery designs this pair of bracelets are the perfect colour duos for the changing seasons. Try making a pair of earrings to match your dark orange bracelet for a warm, autumnal look! Equally, it’s never to early to start planning those Christmas presents (uh-oh I mentioned the ‘C’ word!) but the silver/gunmetal bracelet has a cool, Christmassy feel don’t you think?

To make a 6inch bracelet you will need just one pack of the Preciosa round beads, for a larger size you will need two. You should have plenty of the flower spacer beads left over from this project to use in other designs!

1x Preciosa Pressed Flower Beads Gunmetal Beads (BG0477)
1x Preciosa Pressed Glass Round Beads Matte Silver (BG0527)
1x Preciosa Pressed Glass Round Beads Dark Orange Beads (BG0531)
1x Preciosa Pressed Flower Beads Copper (BG0480)
Fevi Kwik Glue (W311)
Stretch Magic Elastic Clear 0.5mm Cord (TC381)


Step one.
Working from the spool of elastic, string on your beads alternating between the Preciosa rounds & flower beads until you finish all the round beads in your pack. You should have lots of flower beads left over!

Step 2.
Cut the end of the elastic and tie the end in a knot. An overhand knot is all you need but it helps to place the end through the loop twice to give a tighter knot. See diagram.

Step 3.
Complete the knot by looping over and under once, this should tighten the knot and create a double knot. Pull tight but be sure not to snap the elastic.

Step 4.
Trim the ends of the elastic close to the knot and use a dab of Fevi Kwik glue or clear nail varnish on top of the knot, being careful not to get any glue on the beads.



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