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Laura goes Swarovski shopping!

Laura from the purchasing team at BD gives us an insight to her recent trip to the big Swarovski Launch to see the new innovations for Spring/Summer 2017.

12903960_10154070069678966_1797759955_oLast week I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to the Swarovski Launch of their Spring/Summer 2017 range. It was my first time at a launch, held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Victoria, London – a lovely setting for a sneak peek at their latest offerings.

The theme for this year’s launch is ‘The Balance of Nature’ bringing together the four elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The Swarovski demonstration flags combine these elements, mixing gorgeous colour tones with various shapes and textures. New and old components are worked together to create inspiration for new concepts. All around the room there was so much to look at including posters, clothing and lots of crystals and beads.

We were introduced to their new colours; graphite and yellow opal, plus the new pearl colour – crystal pearlescent white. Graphite is dark and mysterious, whilst the yellow opal is a striking contrast, mixed with fuchsia and deep blue sea tones it adds a different dimension to the colour. The new pearl is certainly going to appeal to those who like to make bridal jewellery; it has a gorgeous sheen to it and works well with pale grey and soft pink tones.

The new offerings to the Becharmed and Charm ranges (especially the Becharmed heart bead!) caught our eye – as did the new shapes including the scarab and panther beads. They also have an edelweiss bead – after the success of their edelweiss charms last season these are sure to entice. Edelweiss is known to be the Swarovski symbol and was launched to celebrate their 120th birthday last year. Keep your eyes peeled for the fun leopard and zebra print variations of the column shaped BeCharmed beads.

Whilst there, I also had the chance to get to grips with their Ceralun epoxy resin clay. This is a two-part clay that is perfect for adding into bezels so you can create your very own unique pendants. I was guided through what to do and given some handy tips to get mine looking perfect. A sprinkling of tiny little crystals and I was done – keep your eyes peeled to see if I manage to convince the boss to let us stock it!

We can’t wait for the new range to arrive..some of which is already here! What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below! 

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