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HOW TO: Pom-Pom Your Hat

Pom-poms are everywhere at the moment and we love them because they just make everything more fun! Over the last couple of winters, there has been a trend for hats to have bigger and bigger pom-poms. While admiring the wide array of hats worn by the team on a cold winters morning I thought what could be better than 1 pom-pom…9 of them!

I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on some of our pom-pom charms (while we still have some in stock!) and created this fun 9 pom-pom hat.

The hat started life as a £2 hat from everyone’s favourite discount clothes shop. On its own it was nice but a little plain… The first step was to fit the large and amazing fluffy grey faux fur pom-pom to the top of the hat. I considered using a needle and thread but realised that a jump ring would be much easier, giving a neater finish too!

When fitting the smaller purple pom-pom charms I also used a jumpring to allow the charms to move freely, which is all part of their charm (excuse the pun!). Once opened, the jump rings could be simply threaded through the loops of the wool before closing to secure the charm. I used our 6mm jump rings to leave enough space for a few strands of wool.

I hope you guys like the design. Have fun making and send us your pictures!


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