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How to Make Fabric Covered Beads

Learn how to decorate wooden beads, chunky acrylics and other large beads with your favourite fabrics! We’ve chosen these gorgeous Liberty style ribbons in some pretty floral patterns. Try threading your finished beads in 3’s onto simple cord necklaces or use them on your Summer keychains.

Project Materials

Liberty of London Ribbon Flat Navy Mix 20mm (TC0203)

Liberty of London Ribbon Flat Mirabelle Cream Mix 20mm (TC0201)

Large hole beads (BA77)

Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Glue (W311)

Beadalon Big Eye Needle (NB211)

(Please note, the beads used in the images are now unavailable, we have replaced them with similar large hole beads in the materials list.)


For this project you’ll need some large beads with a threading hole measuring at least 6mm. I chose to use these chunky acrylic beads with a 6mm threading hole. The final size of the threading hole will be about 3mm at the end of your work.

To start, take your chosen folded ribbon and unfold it so that its spread twice as wide. Iron this out on a low heat so that the creases disappear. You will only need around 17″ of your ribbon, so feel free to trim this length off first so you don’t have to iron your entire ribbon.

Take this 17″ length of pressed ribbon and cut off a long strip measuring 1cm across. You should be able to cut 4 strips out of this section to cover 4 beads.

Open your glue ready and get one of your big eye needles. Thread one end of the ribbon through the needle and leave this end to one side. Take the other end of the ribbon and pass this in a tube shape through one of your beads. Just before it exits the bead, add a small drop of glue onto the fabric and use the nose end of your glue tube to press it to the inside of the beads hole.

Once this is secure inside your bead, thread the other end of your ribbon around and up through the bead to cover a small section of the outside. The needle should make this process easier than poking the ribbon through with your fingers. Continue this process until your entire bead is covered. Make sure the threading hole of your bead is still open and that you don’t cross your ribbon across the gap.

Once you are happy with the covering of your bead, pull the ribbon through a final time and trim off at the edge.

Add a small drop of glue like before and press it to the side of the bead hole so that the threading hole stays open.

To make your fabric beads last longer, you can spray them with a suitable fabric sealant so that the fabric doesn’t fray over time!



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