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HOW TO MAKE: Dream Catcher Decorations

Feel good, sleep well and shoo those negative dreams away with your very own, handmade dream catcher! In some Native American cultures the dream catcher is placed above the bed to protect the sleeping person below it. Pleasant dreams can pass through the middle and float down the feathers to the sleeper, whilst any negative nightmares are caught up in the web and fade away in the morning sun.

This beautiful design, by Livvy uses soft grey feathers and 3mm ribbon for an elegant finishDREAMCATCHER
that feels as light as air! Have fun creating your own ‘web’ pattern in the middle of your dream catcher and remember they don’t have to be displayed in the home! Just imagine those delicate feathers gently blowing in the wind of your garden…


Grey Feathers x2 (CR0032)
Silver Plated Wire x1 (W393) or (W392)
Blue Tropics Seed Bead Mix x2 (BLUETROPICS)
Fevi Kwik Glue x1 (W311)
Grey Cord x1 (TC492)
Black 3mm Ribbon x1 (TC1044)
Black 9mm Grosgrain Ribbon x1 (TC1084)
Needle (W474)



  1. Stretch the wire out to make a loop 7 inches in diameter then continue to make a second loop the same size and cut the wire 1 inch longer to wrap the two loops together.
  1. Taking the 9mm ribbon, cut approximately 2 metres and make a loop in one end leaving a 1 inch tail.
  1. Place the loop over the joined section of wire, then wrap the ribbon around the wires keeping the tension tight.  Continue to wrap until all the wire is covered.
  1. Once you have got back to the starting point add a drop of glue to fix the ribbon in place and leave to dry. You can also add a couple of stitches to the end of the ribbon to fully secure if you wish.
  1. Cut approx 2 metres of TC492 and thread a needle. Tie a knot in the end and push needle through the ribbon underneath the loop you made at the top of the circle.
  1. Push the needle through the ribbon at 8 equal points around the loop adding a few beads to the thread before you do so that they hang on each section.
  2. Once you have got your 8 points, thread a few more beads and go back through the threads you have just placed and repeat the process until you have what looks like a spiders web. Remember to keep the tension tight as you go and tie off the thread in the centre adding a dab of glue for extra security if you wish.
  3. Now you are ready to add the feather detailing. Add more thread to needle if required and tie a knot in the end.  Imagine the circle as a clock face and push needle through to the outside at the the point that would be number 3 on a clock.  Add as many Blue Tropic seed beads as you wish and place 2 feathers on the bottom.  Add a seed bead to the thread after the feathers and push needle back through the hole on the top of feather then tie off.
  4. Repeat the process on the opposite side ( number 9 on a clock face).
  5. Cut 3 60cm lengths of the 3mm ribbon and fold in half to create a loop and therefore six equal strands of 30cm. Push the loop over the wire at the centre point on the bottom of the circle and pass the ends back through the loop so that it is secured.
  6. Finally take the needle and thread and put a knot in the bottom. Push it through the bottom of loop so that it hangs in front of the ribbons you have just added.  Then repeat instruction number 8.

You should now have a completed dream catcher.  You can make the loops to any size you wish.  Why not try making 2 smaller ones and add them to the sides to create a larger more intricate dream catcher. Sweet dreams! 💤


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