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HOW TO: Bead a Bezel!

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In this tutorial, learn how to bead around Swarovski Rivolis to create a pair of funky feather earrings – Great for up-coming festivals, summer parties or to add a splash of *trending* Gothic glam. For this project, Beata has used the NEW Swarovski Graphite crystal as part of the Innovations for Spring/Summer 2017.


Size 11 Seed Beads Metallic Grape 11TR461 
Size 15 Seed Beads Light Grey 15TR9F
Silver Plated Jumprings F0211
Silver Plated Half Ball Ear Studs F1000
Swarovski Crystal Rivoli 10.5mm Graphite AC1702
Black Feather Charms CR0034
Black KO Thread TC304

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1. Pick up 24 size 11 seed beads, drop to 10cm from the end of the thread and loop to make a circle.

2. Pick up a size 11 seed bead, miss a seed bead on the base ring and take the needle through the next seed around. Pick up another size 11 seed beads, miss a seed bead and go through the next. Repeat all the way round to create this up/down pattern then ‘step up’ through the last seed bead on the ring base and the first seed bead added on this round.

3. Add size 15 seed bead between each of the ‘up’ beads, step up again through the first seed bead added in this round and pull thread taut to create a tubular shape. Continue the peyote stitch adding one more round of size 15 seed beads.

4. Take the needle through the last round of size 15 seed beads again and pull up to create a good dome shape. Take the needle diagonally through the seed bead bezel to come out through one of size 11 seed beads at the other edge.

5. Work one round of peyote stitch with size 15 seed beads and then put the rivoli into the bezel face down. Pull the thread taut. Work another round with size 15 seed beads then take the needle through just the last round of 12 seed beads again. Pull thread taut and half hitch over one of the threads between the beads.

6. Take the needle through the bezel diagonally again to come out one of the size 11 seed beads in the middle row. Pick up 3 size 11 seed beads, miss two seed beads that are side by side and take the needle through the next size 11 seed bead. Repeat this step on the opposite side.

7. Add a jump ring with ear stud on one side and jump ring with feather on the other side to finish earring.

step9 step10



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