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How To Take The Perfect Photo Of Your Project

Here is my simple guide for how to take the perfect photo so that you can be featured on Shine Online. We want to see your favourite pieces in the best way you can show them so here are our tips. For an amazing photo your going need some proper photography equipment but I can help by showing you how to make a fantastic photo just on your smart phone.

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Step 1

First of all your going to need a white background or if you want to be bold use a colour that contrasts the colour of your project this makes it stand out more. For instance if you have made a dark blue pair of earrings use a light orange background. Try to keep your background plain as a pattern can cause distraction away from your project and look jumbled and confusing. Remove all over objects from your shot.

Step 2

Next we need to have a think about how you position the project. Try to get it all in the centre of your photograph so we can see it all clearly.  If it’s a big project like a necklace and you want to show us the detail then take more than one image so we can see the whole thing and a detail up close of your favourite part. If it’s a pair of earring or something you wish to be dangling then you will have to make sure the backdrop will be in shot and try to keep the thing it’s dangling from out of shot. With earrings I use thread that is taped onto two blocks to dangle the earrings from. This tends to be quite thin so you can’t see much of it and if you also have Photoshop is very easy to cut out of your image.

Some phone cameras have different modes for example the iPhone X has a mode called portrait mode where you can take a really focused photo of your subject and the background blurs out. If you have a phone that can do this try it out if not then don’t worry. Sometimes you can get a grid to come up on your phone this is really useful for centring your shot. Most phone you can tap the screen on where you want to focus always do this before you take the photo.

How To Take The Perfect Photo Of Your Project

Step 3

Lighting can be tricky. Natural light tends to give a warm yellowish tint while artificial light will make things a little bluer. Try to use more yellowish light as it looks warmer and makes your photo more aesthetically pleasing. Try to avoid using your phone’s flash as the refection of light can obscure the colouring of your project. When setting up your little photo shoot try to find the best light in your house if that on a windowsill or by the fire on next to a warm yellow lamp then we can see your photo perfectly.

Step 4

Once you have taken the perfect photo or photos then turn your hand to some easy simple editing. You can do this if you have Photoshop or not. First crop your image so we can see your main focus. You can also rotate you image if necessary.


For those who do try to take out any faults in your image or the thread we talked about earlier. This is simple use the stamp tool and select an area close to but no actually on your thread by holding down the alt key and clicking with your mouse. You can then use this area to cover up the thread, just click wherever you want to cover up.

How To Take The Perfect Photo Of Your Project

Step 5

If you don’t have Photoshop then don’t fret you can still make your photos look amazing by just adding a filter. This is common place to most social networks but instagram does it best. Choose a filter that you think brings out the colour and lightens the photo and looks pretty. Try to avoid black and white or anything that looks dull because we want to see the fabulous colour of your work! Try to avoid filters with backgrounds and stickers that distract the viewer.

How To Take The Perfect Photo Of Your Project

Step 6

You can also adjust brightness and contrast levels to bring out the colours even more. On Instagram you can use a tool called Vignette this gives the corners of your photo a darker shadow and focuses on your project more but too much can be unpleasant to look at. You also have a tool called Tilt Shift similar to the portrait mode we discussed earlier but you can move this to your focal point on the screen and make it bigger/smaller, this will blur the background and focus on the part you want to focus on.

How To Take The Perfect Photo Of Your Project

Step 7

Once you have your perfect photo upload it to our Facebook group: Feature on Shine online – Beads Direct, so that we can all see your work and become part of our community with the chance to be featured in Shine each month. We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

How To Take The Perfect Photo Of Your Project


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