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How To Make Large Victorian Baubles - Tutorial

I’m still in my Victorian phase this Christmas so I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into something that used flat back embellishments and lots of ribbon. The best thing about this project is you can change the colour of the ribbons and the flat backs to create a whole different look. A couple of these hanging together from the ceiling would look fabulous. You are only limited by your imagination!

Wendy J 

You will need:

Polystyrene Ball ST1718

Ribbon: Hot Pink TC1096 & White TC1093

Flat back Embellishments: BA0011, 3x BA0031, BA0033

Cabochons: T3136

Needle and thread




You may also need an Elastic band and a cup/mug to keep your ball steady while you work.


Step 1

Mark the top of your ball.

Step 2

Cut your ribbon. If you want them to be the same length cut 6 pink and 6 white to 60cms. If you want them to be different lengths, cut 3 pink and 3 white to 60cms and 3 pink and 3 white to 75cms. Fold each ribbon piece in half lengthways, pinning if needed to keep in place, then cut from outer edge towards the middle fold at an angle to create a ‘V’ at both ends.

Step 3

Take 2 white ribbons pieces and use a pin to mark halfway (30cm's).

Step 4

Pin to the top of the ball and open the ribbons out to form a cross and pin halfway down. (There is a ‘seam’ around the ball so this should help to keep a line.

Step 5

Repeat this with 2 pink but secure them slightly to one side.

Step 6

Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 until all the ball is covered. You may need to pull pins out and adjust a few ribbons.

Step 7

Smooth, gather and secure the ribbons at the bottom. I’ve used and elastic band, but you could use anything you have to hand. As long as it isn’t too big that the bow won’t cover it.

Step 8

Take some ribbon cut to the length you want for hanging and sew the two ends under the top ribbon at the top of the ball.

Step 9

Now start gluing on your embellishments.

Step 10

Don’t forget to glue one to the top of the ball to cover the sewing.

Step 11

Make sure you leave time for each side of the ball to dry before turning it round to work on another bit otherwise your embellishments may fall off.

Step 12

With the front of the ball facing you put some glue on the elastic band.

Step 13

Take a length of ribbon 30cm long and cut ‘Vs’ into the ends. Find the middle and place this horizontally over the glue and leave to dry.

Step 14

When dry bring the ends around to the back and tie.

Step 15

Bring the ends around to the front and tie

Step 16

Tie a bow and be sure to adjust the ribbon to cover the elastic band if it’s showing. Remove any pins that may be showing.

Step 17

Don’t forget to tag me @Wendy J Cooper in the Beads Direct and Friend Facebook group so I can see your baubles.

Happy crafting!

Wendy J


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