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Join Our Team of Writers | Apply Now

Here at Beads Direct, we’re always on the look out for the latest fashion trends in jewellery, innovative tutorials and beyond! On our blog, you’ll find all of our inspirational posts – however we also think now is a great time to allow talented writers and creative folk to come and join in with us. 

We’re looking for some fresh faces to come on board and join our team of guest bloggers – you don’t have to be a jewellery maker, we’ll happily accept posts on any handmade or creative theme. Of course our guest posters will be allowed to promote their own website, or blog, using a link within an author bio (or logical placement within an article).

You don’t need to have a massive social media following or lots of traffic in order for you to be accepted – this is all about enriching the blog we already have. There are, however, some musts which you will find below.

– Any content submitted must be 100% original and written by you.
– This content cannot have been published anywhere else, or be a re-worded
version of another article.
– We suggest a minimum of 800 words, however this isn’t essential if the article
is picture or video based (any images provided should be your own, otherwise
full credit with permission only).


Once you’ve read the above and are happy you’re suitable to apply, send an email to the below address.

– Enter the subject line ‘GUEST BLOGGER’

– Pitch us an idea for your blog post, and be as specific as possible. If you’d like to send an unpublished
piece directly to us, you can also attach a .doc file with your email.

Send your application email to:

We take care creating and curating all of our content so we’ll be moderating all applications – please allow up to 7 days for us to get back to you. Although we will allow a link to a blog or website offering tutorials or further information that the Beads Direct readers will enjoy, we cannot accept posts promoting a specific product or service – natural and engaging posts only.

(Link building agencies kindly need not apply.)


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