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Frosty Bead & Wire Tree

Tree of life jewellery, accessories and decorations have been a huge trend this year and we’ve seen them made in many different styles using beads, wire, soutache and lots of other media’s. Here’s my little project using beautiful navy blue copper craft wire and gorgeous Toho seed beads on each of the branches! Follow my tutorial and get all your materials below.

Project Materials

  • Dark blue coloured copper craft wire 0.5mm
  • Silver plated copper craft wire 0.5mm
  • Dark blue shiny size 8 seed beads
  • Light blue shiny size 8 seed beads

You will also need your round nose, flat nose, chain nose and wire cutting jewellery pliers.


Project Tutorial

Step 1. The first step is to make approximately 40 lengths of wire measuring about 29″ or 73cm each. You will most likely use all of wire, but try and leave a few lengths still on the spool so that you can add more branches if you want at the end.

Step 2. Take your wires and bend them at the middle and twist the two halves of wire about 4″ above the bend to make a loop. Continue to twist these together to make the trunk of the tree.

Step 3. Make this main part of your trunk about 3″ tall above the loop of wire. Next, you can start making the thicker branches that come out of the top of the trunk. Separate the trunk wires into 2 groups, one a little smaller (with less wires) than the other and break each of these into two to be able to twist them together.

Step 4. Continue to break this new branch into a few more branches of differing sizes. Twist a little on each one and next we are ready to start adding leaves.

Step 5. To make a small branch, twist two wires together and thread 5 beads onto one of these. Bend the wire back towards the other and twist the base of the beads together so they are held in place in a petal shape. Continue to wrap this wire back onto the other one in the pair. Repeat this as many times as you like to make a unique branch.

Step 6. Once you are happy with this branch, thread both wires through 2 beads, and bend one wire to the side. Thread 3 more beads onto the remaining wire and curl this around to make the last leaf. Wrap this wire back onto the main branch and once you are confident it is secure, you can trim off this wire and the excess wire sticking out of the top of the leaf (as shown in the image below).

Step 7. Continue to make small branches that ‘branch’ off of the main branches and each other. You can even do small leaves along the larger branches by separating one single wire and weaving it back to the trunk. Try making double leaves at the end of branches by using both of the 2 wires, twisting them back to the branch and then trimming them.

Step 8. Continue to do this around your tree, making slightly longer branches around the base so that they graduate up to the top of the tree.

Step 9. Once you are happy with the top of your tree, you can start making the roots to stand it on. To do this, cut the loop at the bottom of the tree at the halfway point. Twist half of these to one side so they don’t get in your way as you work. You can now make curls of wire using your round nose pliers and flat nose pliers. Take a group of 4 to 6 wires and twist them together like you did to create the branches. Turn a small loop at the end (shown in the image below).

Next, take your round nose pliers and hold the loop flat. Gently make small turning movements to bring the loop in on itself to make a coil. Continue to do this until you have a curl shape. This is sometimes easier to carry on with your fingers instead of your flat nose pliers.

Step 10. Make lots of these curls around the base of the tree to use up your wires. Leave a few single wires to make single curls that can be closer to the base of the trunk.

Step 11. Pull the curls outwards and push them flat against your work surface so that they hold the tree upright.

Once you are finished, your tree should stand up by itself!


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