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Fimo Clay Dragon | Inspiration

Before Liv from the warehouse team sadly left BD to follow her dream career in teaching, she shared with us an incredible dragon made from Fimo clay.  Liv commissioned her friend Helen O’Conner to create this Fimo dragon based on her son’s design. I posted a picture on Instagram, but you really need to see the sheer skill and talent she has to make such a realistic and detailed mythical beast! I believe the interior is made of wire to give the dragon it’s shape and a structure to build the clay onto. Just look at the texture of the skin – it’s so leathery and scorched! The wings are incredibly thin too, and the teeth so tiny and sharp! It’s amazing what you can do with clay and using different tools for texture. I really appreciate the time and effort gone into it. Helen hasn’t yet set up a shop for her mystical creations! Why not give her some love and appreciation in the comments below? 🐉


dragon 850



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