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DIY Crystal Rainbow Loom Bracelet

This month, we’re celebrating all things Swarovski with our ‘Chase The Rainbow’ theme in preparation our appearance at for The Handmade Fair with our partners Swarovski Create Your Style. Inspired by the huge range of colours of Swarovski crystals, I’ve made a sparkly loom bracelet with Swarovski crystal bicones in the colours of the rainbow. Follow my tutorial to make a short and affordable beaded loom centrepiece for your bracelet with beaded loop connectors attached to pieces of chain. You could even take this project further by making the entire bracelet with Swarovski bicones for even more sparkle! I used the Little Ricky Beading Loom but you could also adapt the instructions to use with any other beading loom.


Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm siam pk24
Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm crystal copper pk24
Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm light silk pk24
Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm xilion peridot p24
Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm light sapphire pk24
Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm xilion fuchsia pk24
Swarovski crystal bicones 3mm violet pk24
Soldered rings 6mm
Jumprings 4mm
Lobster clasp
Size 11 silver lined seed beads
Beading needle (size 10 or 12)
Beading Loom
Silver KO thread


This tutorial will make a piece that measures approx. 7cm which is 23 rows. If you are using a Little Ricky Beading Loom like me, place your bridge into the 10th hole of the base.

Set up your loom with 7 warp threads as per the instructions included in your loom. If you are using a Little Ricky Beading Loom is should look like the following photo. ~You cut a 1.5m length of cord and secure it to a peg in the bottom left of the base. Take the thread over the first metal bar then up to the top, over and under the bar. Repeat this until you have 7 warps (gaps) for your beads to sit. You should end the thread by inserting the peg at the top of the loom.

Take another 1.5m length of thread, pop a needle on one end and secure the other end to a peg and insert it into the bottom of your loom. This is your weft thread. Begin your first row by picking up the rainbow colours in reverse order – 1x violet, 1x fuchsia, 1x light sapphire, 1x xilion peridot, 1x light silk, 1x crystal copper and 1x siam. Pass the needle (from right to left) UNDER the warp thread. Use your finger to raise the beads so that they sit inside the warp threads. This can be a little tricky but after you finish the first row the rest is easy! Keep the beads raised into the warp threads as you pass the needle OVER the warp threads, going through each crystal and exiting out of the violet bicone.

TOP TIP: If you go wrong, to remove a row simply take off your needle and un-pick the loop that goes around the outer warp thread.

Keep adding rows until you have 1 of each bicone bead left. The final row on a Little Ricky Beading Loom can be tricky. If you don’t have enough room, use your thumb and forefinger to run the beads down to the bottom of the loom. After you have added the final row and are happy that it is secure, you can remove the piece from the Little Ricky Beading Loom. Lay the piece on a flat surface and run your fingers across it from the middle going outwards to fill the gaps where the bars were. Weave your two warp threads back into the design, tying knots as you go. Trim away the tail ends.

TOP TIP: Use a red felt tip or marker pen to ‘colour in’ the white thread running down the red side of the loom piece!

Take a new length of cord approx. 50cm long. Put your needle on the end and weave the needle into the end of the piece, tying a couple of knots as you go. At the end of the piece, exit through the light silk bicone, add eight seed beads and go through a soldered ring. Pass the needle back through the first seed bead you added and pull the thread to make the beaded loop. Take the needle through the blue bicone. Weave the cord back into your design like before with a few knots. Repeat this step for the opposite side.

Cut 2x 3cm (1.25in) of chain. For each piece, attach the end to the soldered ring with a small jumpring. On one end attach a lobster clasp with a jumpring and on the other side just a large jumpring. For extra decoration, make a loop on a sterling silver headpin with your remaining bicone beads. Attach the beads to a small jumpring and connect this to the big jumpring at the end of the chain!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Show us your loom bracelets by posting a photo on our Facebook page!


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