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Crystal Scarab Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

For this week’s Mini-Make, we’re using the Scarabaeus Green Swarovski crystal with a touch of Crystal Silver Night for a Christmassy feel! Scarabaeus Green is part of the Fall/Winter 2017 innovations made in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier. Inspired by the tarnish copper roof of the Paris Opera House, the Scarabaeus Green is the perfect colour for your Christmas designs with shimmering hues of purple, blue and green.


Swarovski Scarabaeus Green Glass Pearl 6mm (HH321)
Swarovski Crystal Scarab Bead 12mm Crystal Scarabaeus Green (2 Coat) (AC1807)
Swarovski Crystal Love Bead Crystal Silver Night 8mm (AC1530)
Swarovski Crystal Chaton Scarabaeus Green 8mm (AC1599)
Antique Silver ss39 (8mm) Round Toggle Clasp (F0460)
Silver Plated Iron Jumprings 5mm (F0211)
Silver Plated Brass Headpin 50mm (F0043)
Silver Plated Iron Headpin 26mm (F0047)
Fevi Kwik Glue 1g (W311)



  1. Take four pearls and four heart beads. Thread each bead onto an eyepin and turn a loop at the end of each bead using your pliers.
  2. Remove the head of a headpin using your cutters.
  3. Place the Scarab bead at the middle point of the headpin and create a wrapped loop at either end.
  4. Connect your beads together with jumprings in the order: pearl, heart bead, pearl, heart bead, Scarab bead, heart bead, pearl, heart bead, pearl.
  5. Connect each end to the bar and toggle clasp with a jumpring.
  6. Use a drop of Fevi Kwik glue to set the chaton inside the toggle clasp. Allow to dry before wearing your bracelet.




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