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Crocus Flower Jewellery by Claire Broome

Design team member Claire Broome has designed a beautiful floral necklace using Toho seed beads and Preciosa twin hole beads.  Learn how to make a seed beaded necklace made using the St. Petersburg Weave with Claire’s step by step tutorial! You can find more of Claire’s designs on her ToDot Crafted facebook page and also in her shop!

Untitled-4“I made this necklace a couple of years ago and love wearing it on sunny days or if I go away on holiday.  This got me thinking about designing a necklace with Spring in mind, using twin hole beads. Colours that make me think of Spring are the soft greens, lavenders and white like early blooming crocus flowers.” – Claire Broome.


Silver plated sieve twisted ring (F0603)
Toho Size 11 round seed beads silver lined crystal (11TRPF21)
Toho Size 11 round seed beads silver lined milky light peridot (11TR2118)
Preciosa twin hole seed bead chalk lavender 2.5x5mm (TWH03122)
Preciosa twin hole seed bead chalk white 2.5x5mm (TWH03050)
Pebble beading needle size 10/12 (W474) 
Nymo cream thread (TC996)



Thread on six twin hole beads and create a circle by going back through the beads from when you started.


Add two lavender twin hole beads between each white twin hole, bringing the thread through the upper white hole and lower lavender hole. Continue to fill the gaps until you have completed a full circle. Once you have added your circle of lavender beads, add one white bead between each lavender, again threading through the upper lavender hole and lower white hole.


I made 5 flowers then connected them together.

flower 4

I then made a necklace by attaching a chain using the St Petersburg Weave with peridot seed beads.

St Petersburg Stitch

Add a larger bead to act as a stopper then thread on 6 seed beads

Insert the needle back through the third and fourth beads

Pull the thread to create a loop

Pick up another seed bead and thread back through the previous 3 beads

Insert needle through the bottom two beads on the loop

Thread on four more seed beads then insert needle back through the first two to make a loop

Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 and a pattern will start to emerge

To make the ring

For the ring I made the same flower as with the necklace but added a peridot seed bead between the last white row then added another row of white twin hole beads. Using the peridot and silver lined crystal seed beads I wove them through the sieve twisted ring and attached the flower using gem-tac glue.

set broome 850


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