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Crackled Heart Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

The Mid-Season SALE is here! For this week’s Mini-Make we’re using the crackle effect acrylic beads in the sale to make a simple stretch bracelet. These unusual beads are at a great price of just £1.14 per 50g bag, so get them whilst you can as they won’t be coming back! Choose from four colours – purple, line green, pink or blue. The lovely swirly heart beads look great against the crackle beads are also in the sale down from £2.66 to just £1.33. SEE ALL SALE.


Project Materials

Pink Crackle Effect Acrylic Round Beads 50g (BA194)
Copper Coloured Heart Beads Pk5 (MB220)
Stretch Magic Elastic (TC333)
Fevi Kwik Glue (W311)



To make a bracelet that is 6.5 inches long, thread on 3 crackle beads to the elastic cord, then a heart bead and repeat three more times. Cut the elastic leaving a tail long enough to tie the ends. Tie a double knot and carefully add a drop of Fevi Kwik for extra security. Cut the tail ends of the elastic and allow the glue to fully dry before wearing your bracelet.



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