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Chain Maille Jewellery

Did you catch the latest Take a Make Break video tutorial? Sarah went over the basics of Chain Maille which looks quite complicated but it’s actually really easy to pickup, making it a great skill to add to your jewellery making.bdkit516 To begin with all you really need is a pair of round nose and flatnose pliers, jumprings (a whole bunch of them) and your favourite crystal beads. If you’re put off by the many jumprings that need opening there’s a tool for that! Sarah uses the Beadalon Jumpring Tool that slides onto your finger that makes it SO much easier as you don’t need to fiddle with two pairs of pliers.

As your develop your Chain Maille skill you may wish to progress onto more intricate techniques  – like the Dragonscale Weave! For just £3.49 you can pick up a Beadalon Chain Maille book to help advance your Chain Maille designs with step by step instructions. See how easy it is for yourself in the video below!



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