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Swarovski Innovations – Fall/Winter 18/19

The latest Innovations from Swarovski Create Your Style encapsulate the bright, joyful colours that shine best in the sunlight and the muted, subtle hues that emerge from shadowed surroundings. Explore Swarovski’s four new themes that reflect these ideas in the form of Nostalgia (serene and minimal), Elegantia (retro and decadent), Funtasia (quirky and bright) and Urbania (raw and gritty).

This elegant theme from the Swarovski Innovations for Fall/Winter 2018/19 encapsulates our love of storytelling through fashion. ‘Nostalgia‘ has been created by lovers of Victorian style and fresh, clean tones. The theme features a minimal palette including the new Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl, Crystal Grey and ivory colour stones. Combine these with some classic tones such as Crystal Antique Pink and Vintage Rose for a romantic design.

Create statement pieces inspired by 1920’s eccentricity. This colourful theme shows off Swarovski’s new colour – Crystal Scarlet (See more below). There’s a retro feel to the ‘Elegantia‘ theme that plays out across Swarovski’s colour choices and shapes that can be combined onto simple accessories. Bright, fun tones match effortlessly with neutral vintage effects such as the new Crystal Velvet Brown pearls, Crystal Copper and Crystal Olivine beads. This sophisticated theme allows for highly embellished, textured creations and encourages wearers to decorate along hemlines, gloves, dress straps and other trims to frame simple dresses and add a splash of colour to an outfit.

The ‘Funtasia‘ theme is designed to show off a sense of positivity through fashion. The combination of primary colours and fun new shapes steers designers away from the seriousness of adulthood and brings them back to joyful, childish innocence. Combine these stunning beads and stones with more subtle tones such as Crystal Powder Yellow and Crystal Peony Pink. Make up your own quirky detailing with the brand new Fancy Eye Stones, and the fun Starbloom Fancy Stone. Combine these dazzling shapes with simple round flat backs and frame them with matching tones such as the latest Shimmer Effect beads!

The ‘Urbania‘ theme encapsulates our growing need to repair and re-use materials more in the future. The urban colours and textures reflect the city streets with a handful of rich green and golden tones added sparsely throughout designs. This streetwise theme combines metallics, iridescent pearls and sharp shapes, perfect for party-wear and city trip outfits. Get creative with dagger finishes and edgy shapes including the stunning Trilliant 3 hole sew on stone. Add a splash of colour to your Urbania style designs with the beautiful Crystal Royal Green and the effortlessly elegant Crystal Montana blue stones.


The new ‘Growing Crystal‘ druzy effect stones were designed by Iris Van Herpen to resemble a cross section of a geode. These glamorous crystals follow on from 2016’s ‘Kaputt’ pendants designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. The ideas for both designs stem from inner beauty. Van Herpen’s growing crystals emphasise the power of natural creation and the imperfections that lead to dazzling beauty. Each pendant has an amazing shine and can be paired with simple clear or jet black beads to frame them as a centre piece, or simply attached to a matching bail to hang at the centre of a necklace.


The new ‘Shimmer Effect‘ was inspired by Swarovski’s Aurora Borealis collection. The crystal’s light-refracting properties cast multiple shades of a single colour for eye catching combinations. These gorgeous Shimmer Effect crystals are available in elegant chaton sizes, classic square fancy stones and brilliantly colourful crystal bicones and faceted round beads. You can also find them in hotfix and non-hotfix crystal sizes, perfect for using to embellish accessories such as purses, scarves, gloves and stationery! You can explore more and find out how you can embellish your own accessories HERE.


Crystal Scarlet is one of the new sparkling colours that has just joined the Swarovski Fall/Winter 2018/19 colour palette. It has been described by Swarovski as an elegant shade of red. The stylish tone is available in a myriad of size and shape options including essential bicone beads, fancy stones and more, meaning the possibilities with this romantic tone are endless!


VOTE for us at The International Craft Awards!

Thank you so much for nominating us for a staggering amount of awards for The International Craft Awards, we’re blown away! It isn’t over yet as we still need your help… Voting is now open so if you could please take a minute to vote Beads Direct, we would really appreciate your support. Plus, your vote will be automatically entered into the prize draw to WIN a three-night crafting holiday worth £1,000 for you and three of your friends!

Please vote Beads Direct for the following categories:

☆ Best for Customer service

☆ Best for Quality

☆ Best Craft Website

☆ Best Craft Blog

☆ Best Jewellery Making Tool/Accessory – Beads Direct pliers & Beads Direct bead board

☆ Best Bead Range – Beads Direct seed beads, Beads Direct semi-precious gemstone range & Beads Direct Swarovski.

‘Bordeaux’ WrapIt Loom Bracelet

The NEW WrapIt Loom by Rainbow Loom is here and we’re the first official U.K. suppliers of this awesome new tool! Making trending wrap bracelets has never been easier or faster with the WrapIt Loom. Inside the tool you’ll find a handy bead tray, lots of Toho seed beads with patterns and easy-to-follow instructions to make four different bracelets. Now that we’ve made all four bracelets in the kit, we’re using our own choice of beads to make a design of our own! I’ve chosen to use a rich mix of purple and burgundy glass beads inspired by Pantone’s autumn colour ‘Tawny Port’, with our sparkling new vintage pink glass faceted round beads in Pantone’s ‘Ballet Slipper‘ to lighten the design.

Project Materials

WrapIt Loom
Czech Fire Polished Glass Round Beads Amethyst 6mm Pk100
Preciosa Twin Hole Tile Square 6mm Frosted Amethyst Pk20
Preciosa Czech Fire Polished Beads 3mm Vintage Pink Pk100
Nymo Beading Thread Brown
Swarovski Heart Button Amethyst Pk1
Purple Waxed Cotton Cord 1mm 6 Metres
2x Beading Needles


Set up your WrapIt loom following the box instructions. Cut a length of purple cord approx. 34 inches long. Thread your button and move it to the centre of your cord. Take either side of the cords and tie a knot close to the back of the button. Roughly measure the length of the bracelet to your wrist and tie two LOOSE knots where you want the beads to end and the clasp to fit. Make sure you don’t pull the knot tight at this point so that you can easily adapt the length later on if you need to!

Now place the button and knotted end into the top clamp of your loom to hold it in place. Pass the opposite end through the clamp and wrap it around the WrapIt Loom end. Pull back the sliding part and press it into the groove to give you a tight tension.


Take a 1.5m length of cord and find the middle. Hold the middle point over your purple cords at the top of the loom. This is where you will begin to add beads. Take the left side of the thread and weave over the outside purple cord and back up through the middle between the two purple cords. On the opposite side do the same, taking the right thread around and up through the middle.

To add your first bead, take 1 vintage pink faceted bead and thread it onto one of the threads. Take the other thread and pass it through the bead in the opposite direction so that each cord crosses through it. Pull both of the threads until the bead sits neatly within the purple cords. After you add your beads, you will always pass each side of the thread back around the outside of the purple cords and up through the middle to complete the row. (Bear in mind that it will take a couple of rows for your design to sit nicely).


Next, thread on two pink beads and as before, pass the other cord in the opposite direction through the beads. Pull the cords and encourage the beads to sit within the purple cords. Bring each thread around the outside and up through the middle.

For the next set of rows complete the following:
1x 6mm bead.
2x pink 3mm beads.
1x tile bead – Since this is a twin hole, you need to treat it as if it were two rows of beads. Make sure you still wrap the threads around the outside of the cords before going through the second hole!

Repeat this pattern from your first two pink beads until you run out of room to add more beads. When you reach the end of the loom, check the bracelet against your wrist to see how much further length you wish to add. At this point, you can amend the knot if necessary. Place the bracelet further up the loom, gently clamping around the beads. Return the opposite knot to its position in the other clamp, pull back on the clamp and secure it down into the groove to give you your tension.

Continue to add your beads and when you are almost at the end, finish the design with two rows of pink beads, followed by a single pink bead to draw the end to a point. When you have finished adding beads, knot the thread a few times onto around the thread of a row and trim away the tail end.

You might like to secure the knots further with a drop of glue. Your bracelet is now ready to wear!

Join Beads Direct at The Handmade Fair with Swarovski Create Your Style

Here at Beads Direct, we’re SO excited to have partnered with Swarovski Create Your Style for The Handmade Fair, this September!

Join us on the day to pick up your embellishment kits with Swarovski crystals, FREE inspiration and hear our tips & techniques on how to decorate your favourite things with the colours of the rainbow, at the Swarovski Sweet Shop! You won’t be able to miss us, just look for all the glistening crystals.

The Handmade Fair brought to you by Kirsty Allsopp, is one of the biggest events of the year for creatives who love to make! The event takes place at Hampton Court Palace, Surrey from Friday 15th September to Sunday 17th September.  You can take part in all kinds of workshops, hear from the UK’s renowned crafters and enjoy perusing the craft stalls to get your hands on new tools, materials and beautiful crafting supplies.

In the run up to The Handmade Fair, we’re celebrating all things Swarovski with our ‘Chase the Rainbow’ theme! For your chance to WIN TICKETS to The Handmade Fair, join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook.

We hope to see you there!

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Teddy Bears Picnic

Happy Teddy Bears Picnic Day

The great British Summer is in full swing and while the sun is shining we decided to give our hard working teddy bears a break. They picked their favourite sparkly bits from the beads direct stores and headed out on their very own teddy bears picnic. We managed to grab a few sneaky pics of them enjoying themselves…..Happy Teddy Bears Picnic Day 2017! While you’re enjoying the photos remember everything featured has up to 50% off in our Summer section (not including the bears they are coming home with us).

Teady Bears Picnic day 2017

The gang

Anyone for cricket

Anyone for cricket

Monkey hanging around

Monkey, just hanging around

Time for a spot of gardening

Time for a spot of gardening

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

Do you think you can guess whose bear belong to who? Have a go at our online quiz!

If your Teddy has been enjoying Teddy Bears picnic day in sparkly beads, why not send us a photo to dan@beadsdirect.co.uk.

Talented designer makes beads the highlight of Graduate Fashion Week

The British School of Fashion was established to encourage innovation in fashion. Everyone at Beads Direct is passionate about creativity and design. At the start of 2017 Beads Direct joined forces with Rachael Weir, a massively talented student studying at British School of Fashion. Rachael selected beads from our range and worked her magic. The results formed part of her catwalk show at Graduate Fashion Week and are nothing short of breathtaking!

Rachel Weir designed bead jumper

Stunning fashion design using beads

Top with bead detailing at graduate fashion week

Top with bead detailing at graduate fashion week designed by Rachael Weir

Stunning back detailk using beads

Stunning back detail using beads

Eye catching head wrap made from beads

Eye-catching head wrap made from beads

Face mask made from bead by Rachel Weir

Face mask made from bead by Rachel Weir

Behind the Scenes at Beads Direct

At Beads Direct we love it when you give us a peak at your latest beautiful creations. Everyone here feels like we are part of a big creative family. So we thought you folks may enjoy seeing behind the scenes at Beads Direct and get to know the team a bit better. Look out for more sneak peeks soon!

After a fun weekend of sun, wind, rain and some truly British June weather, we’ve put down our weekend projects and rushed back to Beads Direct HQ, so we can send out all your weekend bargains from our clearance event!

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the team packing your order, Holly found a quiet spot to prepare a few extra goodies for our VIB Gold members including a complimentary copy of Shine magazine hot of the press.


If you’re not a VIB Gold member, you can get the latest issue of Shine magazine HERE and find out more about being a VIB Gold member HERE.

Remember, you can share your latest beady jewellery, decorations and accessories with us online! Follow the links below to post your images.

We look forward to seeing what you’re making ready for Summer!


The Beads Direct Team x

Gold Award Celebration!

It’s been a big week for us at Beads Direct and we owe you a massive THANK YOU! We’re celebrating our gold award wins from the International Craft Awards, during our fantastic week of achievements.

The International Craft Awards are hosted every year by Crafts Beautiful where public vote for their favourites suppliers, demonstrators, websites and a whole range of crafting categories. Not only did we win the Gold award for ‘Best Bead Range’ but also ‘Best Jewellery Making Accessory’ for our hugely popular bead board. In this category, we also won a runner-up prize for our professional set of jewellery pliers!

You would think that was an enormous achievement enough right? Well, just yesterday I was informed that the Beads Direct blog has been awarded one of the ‘Top 25 Jewellery Making Blogs’ on the web! The guys at Feedspot voted us 8th place, which is a huge deal for us to be recognised!

This brings us to thank you all for your votes in the International Craft Awards, your continued support to Beads Direct and your direct participation in the jewellery making community. I would personally like to thank all the blog readers, contributors and the design team who help drive the Beads Direct blog. Since I gave it a makeover in Spring 2015, I’ve enjoyed working with some wonderful people who come up with incredibly beautiful designs and even challenged myself and the team to come up with a new Mini-Make Monday project each week. Thank you for all your lovely feedback and for sharing the jewellery that you’ve made, we absolutely love to see your designs! You can share your photos across our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram @beadsdirect.

Thank you again, from the whole team at Beads Direct, we hope you have a wonderful year of creative beading!

gold awards

Goodbye For Now

Hi everyone,

On Thursday 2nd February I will be leaving the lovely bunch of people at Beads Direct to start my maternity leave! I have worked for BD for over 8 years and everyone here is like family to me. My role as Customer Service Manager means that if you have ever phoned BD, you have no doubt spoken to me!

When I joined BD I didn’t know anything about jewellery making but soon got into making Shamballa Fashion bracelets and I was addicted to Kumihimo (I still am). Below are some of my favourite makes:

Image 1image 2

3Here are some photos that highlight some of my favourite moments during my time at Beads Direct, some of which you may remember!





I really have had the most amazing time here at BD, I want to thank everyone for all their support and making my time here so enjoyable (both beady customers and BD colleagues).

I’m sure I will be visiting the office throughout the year so I will say goodbye for now.

Take care,

Love Leah Xx

Farewell Message from Sarah

As many of you know, I have been guest presenting on Create & Craft for 6 years now and have had the privilege of bringing Beads Direct kits to you since 2014. My role here has consisted of designing, sourcing, making and selling hundreds (if not thousands) of kits, beaded jewellery and filming weekly Take a Make Break tutorials for the Beads Direct YouTube channel as well as guesting our TV shows. I have enjoyed all of these aspects, but it has left little time for much else as you can imagine. I have always had a long-term goal of making my own jewellery to sell, returning back to workshop teaching and finally getting around to publishing my jewellery making book. I have decided that 2017 is the year to act upon those dreams.

So it is with a really heavy heart, that the 12th of December will be my last show on Create & Craft, BUT I do hope to return occasionally throughout the year to guest for Beads Direct and assist in a few designing projects.

On a personal note, I am giving myself a lovely little Christmas break for the rest of the month to concentrate on my family and time with loved ones. I’m off to Iceland on the 16th for my partners birthday (that’s something to tick off the bucket list), we have just booked our Wedding for next year so LOTS to sort out  and I have 2 dogs, one of which is an 11-week old puppy, running me ragged. So it’s probably not a break at all! I hope to launch my a little website (definitely a work in progress), I will be running small beading groups from February onwards and will be selling jewellery & crafty makes at little local markets and fairs. So I will be busy, busy but with more time to concentrate on my designs and loves.

I really have had the most amazing 6 years and would like to thank you all for the support along my journey. I have had so many messages and pictures from you over the years sharing your creations and journeys and it has honestly been the reason I do what I do! So thank you. I also had the absolute honour this year to be nominated for two awards in the International Craft Awards 2016 (still blown away by this!) and it has been the highlight of my career. It’s given me the drive to work on my book and I hope to publish next year. That’s if I can ever condense down what I want to put in it! At this rate, it’s going to look like the yellow pages!
pics2The office won’t have too much of a chance to miss me I’m sure, I’ll still be making a regular journey to raid new deliveries, ransack the warehouse and top up on sparkles….I’ve seen what’s coming…..and I don’t want to miss out! I would also like to thank everyone at Beads Direct for all their support and help through the years too. The shows take a huge amount of work, from administration to picking and packing your orders and, I think we would all agree they do an amazing job.

As you may know, the fabulous Debbie Bulford joined our team recently so you will not be left on your own! Debbie has some amazing designs, ideas, techniques and classes to share with you all next year, as well as regular Create & Craft Shows and I couldn’t be passing my beading baton over to a nicer lady!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & that you chase your dreams in 2017.

All my love


See you soon! xxx