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Mini-Make Monday


Secret Garden Charm Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s Mini-Make project is inspired by my favourite book as a child, The Secret Garden. Since then, I’ve always had a fascination with old-fashioned keys (and gardens!), so when the new little key charms arrived at Beads Direct I knew I had to make something with them! I love charm bracelets, but I find that sometimes they can look a bit too chunky and heavy. With this in mind, I only used the key charms with Swarovski bicones and repeated them across the design, to keep it light and delicate. The wrapped loops of the Swarovski bicones gives a more handmade finishing touch! This is also a really effective way to give the bicones much more movement when wearing your bracelet, so they gently sway and glisten in the light.

Project Materials

Silver Plated Oval Belcher Chain (CH406)
Swarovski Crystal Bicones Paradise Shine 6mm (AC1431)
2x Titanium Plated Small Key Charm Pk2 (CR0165)
Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp (SS32)
Silver Plated Jumprings 4mm (F0623)
Silver Plated Headpins (F0035)



  1. Cut a length of chain 6 inches long or one inch smaller than the size of your wrist.
  2. Open a pair of jump rings and attach your lobster clasp to each end of the chain.
  3. Take four crystal bicones and create a wrapped loop on a headpin for each one. You might find our video tutorial on how to do this helpful.
  4. Attach your charms alternating between crystals and keys along your bracelet. I find this looks best, spacing them about 2cm apart or leaving 4 chain links in between.
    secret garden

IMG_3398 (002)


Magpie fp

Magpie Choker | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s tutorial is part of the huge choker trend that continues to dominate jewellery fashion. I’ve been inspired by one of our latest products to create a different look from the all-too-familiar tattoo-style, elastic choker that’s back from the 90s goth/grunge trend. You see them everywhere right? Make your own using our new linen cord and delicate sterling silver feather charms, also featured in my Feather Wrap Bracelet project.

Project Materials

Black Braided Double Ring Linen Cord (TC0176)
Sterling Silver 925 Small Feather Charm Pk2 (SS394)
Silver Plated Cord Ends (F0646)
Silver Plated Jump Rings 4mm (F1020)
Antique Silver Lobster Clasp (F850)
Fevi Kwik Glue (W271)



  1. Measure the length of ribbon tight against your neck.
  2. Minus 1 inch from the length and cut the cord.
  3. Apply a drop of glue to the ends to make it stiffer and prevent it from fraying.
  4. Insert them into the cord ends and fold the ends over the cord using your flat nose pliers.
  5. Attach a jumpring through the loop of each cord end.
  6. On one side add a lobster clasp.
  7. On the opposite side attach your extension chain to the cord end with a jumpring.
  8. Connect a feather charm onto the end of your extension chain.
  9. Find the middle of your choker and attach the feather charm through the bottom loop of the cord with a jumpring.

feather choker 850

fp vine

Golden Vine Earrings | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s project designed by Vicki, proves that you don’t have to wear bold, floral prints to join the fashion trend! These delicate earrings are made using the NEW flower connectors and we just love how well the matte finish compliments the sparkly glass chain.

Project Materials

1x Gold Plated Clear Crystal Chain 4mm 1m (CH413)
1x Gold Plated Ear Wires Lever Back 18mm (F0240)
2x Matte Gold Plated Flower Charm Connector (CR0206)
2x Matte Gold Plated Petal Charm 14mm (CR0205)
1x Gold Plated Jump Rings 5mm (F0719)


Project Tutorial

  1. Open the loop on the bottom of the ear wire and attach the flower petal charm to it.
  2. Cut a 1-inch piece of chain and attach it to the bottom loop of the petal charm.
  3. Connect a jump ring to the bottom loop of the chain and attach it to the top of the flower connector.
  4. Finally, cut a 1-inch piece of chain and attach this to the bottom loop of the flower connector.Repeat the steps to make your second earring.


swarovski rings

Crystal Lacquer Rings with Swarovski | Mini-Make Monday

Give your look a pop of sparkling colour with an adjustable sterling silver ring, made with Swarovski crystal pro lacquer effect rivoli, as part of the NEW Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2018. I had trouble deciding on which colour was my favourite colour, so I made a ring with all of them! Tell us your favourite colour in the comments below.

Materials Featured
Sterling Silver 925 Adjustable Ring Base (SS373)
Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Crystal Mint Green 12mm (AC1864)
Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Crystal Azure Blue 12mm (AC1862)
Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Crystal Light Coral 12mm (AC1863)
Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Crystal Summer Blue 12mm (AC1866)
Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Crystal Peony Pink 12mm (AC1865)
Gem-Tac Glue (W481)
Beadalon Aluminium Ring Mandrel (W244)


Video Tutorial

Swarovski pro lacquer rings 850

tilt bemuda

Bermuda Tilt Necklace | Mini Make Monday

Welcome back to another Mini-Make Monday! This week’s project uses one Swarovski new innovations – the crystal tilt fancy chaton – and it’s become one of my all-time favourite necklaces! You might have spotted me wearing it on Instagram a few weeks ago. Why do I love it so much? Well, I’m a huge fan of geometric shapes (as you might have noticed in my other projects!) and I love that you can wear this simple necklace with any outfit and any time of day. It’s small and elegant but still radiates a beautiful, blue sparkle for a glamorous look.

Project Materials

Swarovski crystal tilt fancy chaton Bermuda blue (AC1893)
Swarovski charm setting rhodium plated tilt chaton (F0743)
Sterling silver snake chain with clasp 16 inches (CH34)
Sterling silver 925 large loop bail with ring (SS209)
Gem-Tac glue (W481)


Project Tutorial

This one really is easy! Carefully open the loop on the bail and close it onto the Swarovski setting. Thread you chain through the bail. Apply a drop of glue in the setting and press the crystal into place. Allow to fully dry for 24 hours before wearing your necklace.

bermuda 850

feather fp

Feather Wrap Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

Welcome back to another Mini-Make Monday! Since today is the first day of Spring, this week’s project is inspired by fresh blue skies and light breeze of the season. Don’t you just love this time of year? To keep the bracelet design light and delicate, I chose to use the blue glass rosary beaded chain with pretty sterling silver feather charms for a boho finish.

Project Materials

2x Sterling silver 925 small feather charms (SS394)
Antique silver zamak toggle clasp (F0138)
Aqua blue glass silver plated rosary bead chain (CH389)
Silver plated split rings 4mm (F1020)



  1. Measure the chain to your desired length so that it comfortably wraps around your wrist 3 or 4 times, remember to save 2cm for your clasp.
  2. Space out the feather charms evenly across the chain every 6 or 7 inches.
  3. Wrap the chain around your wrist to check the spacing of your charms.
  4. Attach the clasp to either end of the chain with a pair of jumprings.

feather 850


Baroque Earrings | Mini-Make Monday

This week we’re using the NEW Baroque Bead Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2018 to make a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings! Florals, filigree and lace patterns are making a big trend for Spring/Summer 2017, so this quick but magnificent project is a must have accessory in your jewellery collection!

“Harken back to an era of filigree and lace! The Baroque Bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing.” – Swarovski 

Project Materialsbaroque-2

Swarovski Baroque Bead 10mm Crystal Golden Shadow Pk2 (AC1911)
Swarovski 4mm Cream Pearls (HH23)
Gold Plated Filigree Flower Connector 20mm Pk2 (CR0026)
Gold Plated Brass Ear Wire Base (F0327)
Gold Plated Headpin (F0573)



  1. Open the loop on the back of the ear wires and close it onto one of the small holes of the filigree connector
  2. Put a Swarovski baroque bead onto a headpin followed by a 4mm Swarovski pearl and turn a loop.
  3. Close the loop onto a small hole of the filigree connector to it sits directly opposite the ear wire.
  4. Put a 4mm Swarovski pearl onto a headpin and turn a loop. Close this loop two holes away from the centre beads. Repeat this step for the opposite side.
  5. Repeat all of the steps above to make your second earring.


850 baroque




Simple Filigree Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

For this week’s Mini-make tutorial we’re keeping things super simple! As Spring and summer approaches you’ll see a lot more of these single strand bracelets on the high street with either a cute connector or charm in the middle. In keeping with the Spring theme, I’ve handpicked a beautiful new filigree tube as the main feature for these leather bracelets!

Project Materials

Pink Round Leather 2mm Cord 5m (TC700)
Grey Round Leather 2mm Cord 5m (TC518)
Silver Plated Filigree Tube Pk5 (MB815)
Silver Plated Large Toggle Clasp (F0694) x2
Antique Silver Zamak Cord Ends 2mm (F0141)
Fevi Kwik (W311)



Cut a length of leather approx 6 inches and cut the ends at a sharp angle to make a point. Put the filigree tube onto the leather. Glue each end of the leather into the cord ends and allow to dry. Attach the cord ends to the clasp with a jumpring on either end.

filigree name

geometric mini

Geometric Earrings | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s Mini-Make tutorial combines two trends in one, geometric shapes and mixed metals! These two trends were so big in 2016 that geometric patterns and metallic finishes continue to lead fashion industries and home decor designs. I’ve made two styles of earrings using the geometric soldered ring shapes that can be worn as a matching pair, or asymmetrically for an edgy look!

Project Materials

For this project I used a silver plated findings kit however, you can also purchase the following findings individually.

Rose gold plated small square soldered ring 10mm (F0630)
Titanium plated hexagon (F0632)
Sterling silver 925 ear wires with coil and ball (SS77)
Silver plated jump rings 6mm (F0720)



Connect your two rose gold squares together with a jump ring, then attach these to the hexagon shape with another jump ring. Take your ear wire and attach the top of the hexagon to it with a jump ring! To create the second style, hold a square shape over a corner of the hexagon and connect them together with a jump ring. Then attach this jump ring to another square, and attach the square to the ear wire.




mini earring

Delicate Drop Earrings | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s Mini-Make tutorial is so easy, making it the perfect project for beginner jewellery makers. I’ve picked out the NEW drop earring findings, a delicate earring base with a post in the middle to showcase your favourite beads! Swarovski crystals and semi-precious beads are perfect for this, and we would recommend choosing a bead that’s 6-8mm in size. If you want to use half-drilled pearls you might need a Beadalon bead reamer tool to widen the hole of the pearl first.

Materials Used

Titanium Plated Drop Earring Finding with Post (F0689)
Gold Plated Drop Earring Finding with Post (F0688)
Swarovski Crystal Faceted Round 8mm Crystal AB (AC585)
Natural Ametrine Semi-Precious Round Beads 8mm (EX323)
Swarovski Crystal Love Bead 8mm Blush Rose (AC1528)
Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds 8mm (AC613)
Fevi Kwik Glue (W311)



Simply apply a small drop of glue to the post of the earring drop and pop on your bead! It’s that easy 🙂 Just make sure that you allow the glue to fully dry before wearing your gorgeous earrings.

drop earrings 850