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Mini-Make Monday

MINI-MAKE ‘Unicorn Dream’ Key Ring

Welcome back to another Mini-Make Monday! This week I’ve whipped up a pretty little key ring that can also be used as a handbag charm. If you like unicorns, you might remember the unicorn choker I made a while ago. This time I’ve chosen the galloping silver plated charm with a feather,  striped agate beads and bead caps for extra shine! I love how the pretty little flower beads jingle, adding colour and interest to your otherwise boring-looking keys!

Project Materials

Silver Plated large Lever Ring Clasp 20mm (F0392)
Antique Silver Flower Charm Beads 7mm pk5 (MB454)
Silver Plated Dome Bead Cap 6mm Pk4 (F482)
Purple Striped Agate Beads 6mm Pk20 (EX4378)
Antique Silver Galloping Unicorn Charm (CR0256)
Antique Silver Zamak Feather Charm 11×41 Pk1 (CR0052)
Silver Plated Headpins (ST1783)
Silver Plated Eyepins (F0047)
Silver Plated 6mm jumpring (F0720)
Silver Plated 4mm jumpring (F0623) 


Take a 6mm jumpring and attach your feather charm to the lever split ring.

Take a headpin and slide on a bead cap and a 6mm striped agate bead. Turn a loop. Make two more with headpins and one with an eyepin so that you have a loop either side.

Turn a loop with an eyepin for three of your flower beads and do the same for two agate beads (without caps).

Lay your beads out as above and connect them all together. Use 4mm jumprings in between the beads and a 6mm jumpring to attach them to the level clasp.

Instant Peyote Bracelets | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s mini-make is the perfect project for beginner jewellery makers who haven’t yet mastered intricate beading stitches! These two friendship-style bracelets use our new ready-made seed bead peyote-stitched connectors to make an eye-catching centrepiece.

Project Materials

Miyuki seed bead connector charm black/white
Gold plated steel chain 2x3mm 1 metre
Gold plated iron 6mm jump rings
Gold plated lobster clasp
Miyuki seed bead connector charm pink
Satin cord 0.7mm light pink 5 metres
Fevi Kwik glue


To make the gold style bracelet, cut two pieces of chain 2.5 inches long. Fold each piece in half and join the two ends together with a jump ring. Connect one jump ring to a lobster clasp. Connect the other jump ring to another one. Find the middle point of each chain and use a jump ring on each end to link it to the beaded connector.

To make the pink style bracelet, follow our YouTube tutorial to learn how to make a Macramé square knot bracelet.

Graduation Necklace | Mini-Make

Graduation season is in full swing! This week’s Mini-Make is just the perfect project to gift to your graduating loved one! Using the NEW and trending adjustable chain, you can wear this necklace as a choker or at any length you desire. Choose from a selection of beautiful Swarovski Pave Pendants to make your necklace glisten and shine on the big day!

Project Materials





Using a pair of pliers, carefully open the small loop on the bottom of the bail and close it onto the pendant loop. Open the clasp of your chain and slide on your pendant.

Pip Flower Ring | Mini-Make

Haven’t you heard?! NEW Preciosa Pip beads are here! Obviously, I couldn’t wait to get making with these pretty little beads so they’re the main focus of this week’s Mini-Make. Follow my tutorial to make a simple flower ring and once you learnt how to make the basic flower shape, you can make all kinds of bracelets and matching earrings too!

Project Materials

Preciosa Czech Pressed Glass Pip Beads (Transparent Amethyst)
Preciosa Czech Pressed Glass Pip Beads (Peach)
Toho Size 8 Round Seed Bead Frosted Permanent Finish Galvanized Pink Lilac
Purple KO Beading Thread
Rose KO Beading Thread

Project Tutorial

Step 1. Cut a 30cm length of cord and thread your needle. String on 6 pip beads and take the needle back through the beads to form a loop.

Step 2. Work your thread back around the flower petals, creating knots along the working cord to secure. Do the same thing with your tail thread. Trim away the ends.

Step 3. Cut a new length of thread 30cm long and string on 15 seed beads, leaving a tail of approx. 10cm. Pass your needle through the centre of the flower.

Step 4. String on 1 seed bead and pass the needle back through the hole in the centre of the flower and out to the opposite side.

Step 6. String on 15 more seed beads. At this point, you may wish to check the size and how it fits on your finger. Once you are happy with the size, pass your needle through the precious 15 beads, and back down those you just added to form a loop.

Step 7. Pass the needle through the loop a second time, tie your two ends in a couple of knots and trim away the tail ends.

Crystal Sparkle Ring | Mini-Make

We all love a bit of sparkle in our lives, so for this week’s mini-make I’ve chosen to use our brand new sterling silver ring base with Swarovski Crystal AB crystals! The end result looks super expensive but actually, it’s easily affordable at just £12.83 if you already have your glue. You could make them for your friends or sell them to make a bit of extra cash for yourself! The sterling silver ring base is quite soft and can be adjusted to fit any size.

Project Materials

Sterling silver 925 ring
Swarovski crystal chaton 4mm crystal AB F
Gem-Tac embellishing glue


1. Roll a piece of blue-tac into a ball and press your ring base into it to secure it to your work surface.

2. Apply a very small amount of Gem-Tac glue to the inside rim of the ring settings and press your crystals into place for each of the four holes. You might find it more precise to apply the glue to a headpin first and use this to paint the glue onto the settings.

3. Leave your ring on the blue-tac and allow your crystals to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing your ring.

Mini Make Monday | Unicorn Choker

A blessing of unicorns has just flown in! Take a look at the awesome NEW range of unicorn charms to make your trending choker! For this project, I’ve used the (double sided) white and yellow enamel 3D charm because it’s so cute and a bargain at just 97p! There’s also an origami style unicorn which would be great on a longer charm if you want to layer your look.

Project Materials

White and Yellow Enamel Silver Tone 3D Unicorn Charm 16x20mm Pk1
Black Round Leather 2mm Cord (5m)
Antique Silver Zamak Cord Ends with Loop
Silver Plated Chain Extension
Silver Plated 4mm Jumprings (Pk100)
Silver Plated Lobster Clasp (Pk5)
Fevi Kwik Glue 1g

Project Tutorial








Honey Bee Earrings | Mini-Make Monday

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine we’re having at the moment! It feels like Summer is finally here 🙂 I spent a few hours on my allotment at the weekend and relaxed in the sun, watching the bees buzzing around the flowers. My project this week is inspired by the honey bee and I’ve used the use new bee charms with sparkly Swarovski faceted round beads, to make a pair of earrings for Summer. What’s your favourite thing about Summer? Tell me in the comments below!

Project Materials

2x Gold Plated Zamak Bee Charm 22x20mm Pk1
1x Swarovski Golden Shadow Faceted Rounds 8mm Pk6
1x Gold Plated Iron Jumprings 4mm Pk100
1x Gold Plated Ear Wires Lever Back x1 pair
1x Gold Plated Iron Eyepins 26mm Pk100


1. Take an eyepin and thread it through a Swarovski bead. Using your pliers, bend the eyepin to a 90-degree angle just above the bead. Trim the eyepin to leave 1cm.

2. Using your round nose pliers, bend the eyepin around them to form a loop.

3. Open a small jumpring by twisting the ends away from each other using your pliers and connect the bead onto the earwire closing the jumpring through the bottom loop.

4. Carefully open the bottom loop of the eyepin and close it onto the loop of the bee charm. Repeat these steps again to make your second earring.

Crystal Flame Earrings | Mini Make Monday

This week’s mini-make project is made by our warehouse manager, Jo! She’s picked out some sparkly Swarovski chatons in one of Pantone’s trending colours for summer ‘Flame’. Jo has used this rich orange to give her tassel-like earrings a pretty pop of summer sunset colour.

Image result for pantone flame colour

Project Materials




  1. To make your first earring cut some lengths of chain to the following measurements: 4x 2.5 inches long, 1x 2 inch, 1x 0.75 inches and 1x 1 inch.
  2. Attach a jumpring to the bottom loop of the earring post.
  3. Take the four pieces of 2.5 inces of chain and attach each end to a jumpring and connect the jumpring to the jumpring on the earring post.
  4. On the longest piece of chain, attach your sparkly crystal charm.
  5. Attach one of the chaton charms to the 2 inch piece of chain and another charm to the 0.75 inch piece of chain.
  6. Open a new jumpring and put your three pieces of chain with their charms onto it and attach it to the jumpring on the earring so that it sits in front of the chain.
  7. Glue the crystals into the charm settings and allow them to fully dry. Repeat these steps to make your second earring.

Angel Whispers Necklace | Mini-Make

Hello! After a very busy month celebrating MacraMAY, your Mini-Make feature is back with a brand new project for you to make every Monday! This week’s project is super simple, making it great for beginner jewellery makers. I’ve chosen to use our pretty crystal chain with an agate angel wing charm for a subtle, yet sparkly necklace. Why not make a matching short-length necklace or choker to make a trending layered look? We know it will look beautiful in the summer sun! By the way, if you order your materials before midday Tuesday you will SAVE £4 on your Agate wing charm! Each one has beautiful unique inclusions that compliment the gold plating around the outside of the gemstone slice. It is also available in a lovely turquoise too if you fancy a pop of colour!

Project Materials

Gold Plated Grey Agate Feather Charm with Bail 17x45mm Pk1
Gold Plated Clear Colour Crystal Chain 4mm Pre Cut 1 Metre Length
Gold Plated Toggle Clasp Leaf Design 16x22mm Pk1
Gold Plated Jump Rings 6mm 0.8mm Thick Pk50



Cut the chain to your desired length. I recommend a long chain for this project so between 28-32 inches long. (You could have enough chain remaining to make a matching bracelet or these ‘Golden Vine’ earrings!). Open a jumpring with your pliers and loop it through the top of the angel wing charm. Connect it to the center of your chain, going through the chain link. Open 2 more jumprings and attach the toggle clasp to the ends of the chain.


Secret Garden Charm Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

This week’s Mini-Make project is inspired by my favourite book as a child, The Secret Garden. Since then, I’ve always had a fascination with old-fashioned keys (and gardens!), so when the new little key charms arrived at Beads Direct I knew I had to make something with them! I love charm bracelets, but I find that sometimes they can look a bit too chunky and heavy. With this in mind, I only used the key charms with Swarovski bicones and repeated them across the design, to keep it light and delicate. The wrapped loops of the Swarovski bicones gives a more handmade finishing touch! This is also a really effective way to give the bicones much more movement when wearing your bracelet, so they gently sway and glisten in the light.

Project Materials

Silver Plated Oval Belcher Chain (CH406)
Swarovski Crystal Bicones Paradise Shine 6mm (AC1431)
2x Titanium Plated Small Key Charm Pk2 (CR0165)
Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp (SS32)
Silver Plated Jumprings 4mm (F0623)
Silver Plated Headpins (F0035)



  1. Cut a length of chain 6 inches long or one inch smaller than the size of your wrist.
  2. Open a pair of jump rings and attach your lobster clasp to each end of the chain.
  3. Take four crystal bicones and create a wrapped loop on a headpin for each one. You might find our video tutorial on how to do this helpful.
  4. Attach your charms alternating between crystals and keys along your bracelet. I find this looks best, spacing them about 2cm apart or leaving 4 chain links in between.
    secret garden

IMG_3398 (002)