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Bridge Parle’s Pip Butterflies

Pip beads are proving very popular at the moment, so I thought I’d share my little Pip Butterfly with you. Enjoy!

You will need size 15 seed beads and some Preciosa pip beads.

CLICK HERE to choose your pip and seed beads.

Step 1

On a 30 inch piece of thread, pick up 1 size 15 seed bead, 2 pip beads, 1 size 15 and 2 more pip beads.


Step 2

Tie your beads in a circle and make a couple of knots. Sew your needle through the 2 pip beads and the top 15/o seed bead.


Step 3

Pick up 3 size 15 seed beads and let them drop to your work. Skip the last seed bead you added and sew down through the 2 seed beads and into the top bead you were coming out of. Pull snug.


Step 4

Repeat for the other antenna. Your needle should be exciting the top bead when your finished.


Step 5

Pick up 3 size 15 seed beads and sew down through the tail bead, turn your work over and again,

picking up 3 size 15 seed beads, sew up through the top bead.


Step 6

Your butterfly is now finished, sew in your threads and cut.



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