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Bollywood Inspired Set!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to show you my latest jewellery makes “Ancient Mysteries”.
They have been inspired by all things Bollywood.

I’ve always loved the rich and vibrant colours of India, and the jewellery you see on the actresses
always amazed me. The pieces I always find  particularly beautiful are the ‘tika’ headpieces that daintily
sit on the forehead. You can read more about their ceremonial and spiritual meaning here.

I wanted to channel the colours and beauty into my own makes, and I’d not long seen some fab new pendants
arrive at BD HQ, which I knew would be perfect.

This necklace and earring set are the perfect piecesto pair with a kaftan on the beach, on a summer’s
evening or even to a glamorous garden party.


HOW TO MAKE – Using rich astep1nd vibrant colours inspired by an Indian
Summer, this necklace and earring set is Bollywood chic
– that anyone can pull off!


STEP 1 – To begin creating your pendant, create 5 accent
drops for the centre-bottom of the pendant. Using a headpin
for the first bead and loop, then add on a pearl, gold spacer,
a crystal bead and a jumpring – connect them all using looped
eyepins. 3 drops should have 8mm pearls to start with, and
2 should start with 6mm pearls. 
Attach all. Add the centre
drop with another larger jumpring.




STEP 2 – Create the centre piece for the pendant. Add a
crystal bead to a headpin, loop and trim. Then add an 8mm
pearl to an eyepin, a crystal bead to an eyepin and a small
gold spacer to an eyepin. Loop and trim and attach together
in the same way you did with your other drops. Using a small
jumpring, add to the loop at the very top of your pendant.




step3STEP 3 – To add the crystal detailing we will be using FeviKwik
glue (you may wish to wire wrap these to the pendant frame with
a thin wire if you’d prefer). Use a headpin and insert down the
nozzle of the tube. Add small dots of glue to the edges of the outer
loops and carefully place your crystals using pliers. Be careful not
to get glue on any visible crystal.

TIP – If you get any glue on your crystal beads, allow to dry, then 
carefully rub off using a drop of nail polish remover on a cotton bud.







STEP 4 – Set your pendant aside for 5 minutes to allow the glue to dry.
Give the pendant a gently tap on a table top to make sure the crystals
have been placed correctly. If any drop off, repeat the process. Attach two
25cms lengths of chain to the top loop of your pendant using 2 jumprings.
Go through all loops in your piece and ensure that they are all closed flush.









STEP 5 –  Hold the pendant and chain up to you as though you were
wearing it, and check how the length sits on you. You may wish to shorten
the chains at this point to make the pendant rest higher up on your chest.
Simply measure and snip off if required. When you are happy with the length
of your necklace, use two jumprings to attach either end of a toggle clasp.







STEP 6 – 

Now your pendant is complete, use smaller pendants to create matching
earrings. Create 2 accent drops with 4mm pearls, and 1 starting on a
crystal, then an 8mm pearl. Attach these drops as before. Create mid-centre
drops using one 6mm pearl and one crystal bead looped together. Glue on
your crystal beads and allow to dry as before.

Attach your pendant earrings to two lever back earring
bases using jumprings.




  • You may wish to purchase a 1-Step Looper tool for this project, it will make looping all your pieces together much easier.
  • Flat-nosed pliers work best when placing your crystal beads onto the pendant frame to glue into place.

Use any leftover beads to create simple matching bracelets by stringing onto elastic. Simply knot when you are happy with the lengths and secure with a dab of glue. Trim any excess elastic and they are ready to wear!






Gold Plated Findings Kit (ST185)
6mm Shell Pearls Purple
8mm Shell Pearls Purple (EX195)
Stretch Elastic (TC16)
Gold Plated Brass Chain (CH236)
Fevi Kwik Glue (W311)
Dreamcatcher Pendant Small (MB748 x 2)
Dreamcatcher Pendant Medium (MB772)



What do you think to this jewellery set? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.
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Thanks for reading!
Speak to you soon, 

Jaide x x


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