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~ Beautiful Gemstone Pendants ~

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing?

As you may have noticed the past few weeks we’ve been super busy getting lots of new products onto the BD website (including the Tila beads and some fab Sterling Silver – eee!). Despite this, my relentless pestering of the already very busy Purchasing team has paid off. The lovely girls have managed to source some gorgeous Semi-Precious point pendants I need to SHOUT ABOUT! 😍

(I haven’t stopped raving about them since they arrived… sorry guys.)

I’ve seen a huge wave of semi-precious jewellery on the high street; however my love for all things handmade will not waiver and I resisted the charms of a few pieces I saw (excuse the pun). Although we’ve always stocked lots of lovely gemstone beads, the emerging semi-precious trends takes on something a little more chic with a younger feel. I knew we just had to pull in something ornate, yet modern, to keep you all at the forefront of the trends.


The original gemstones have been polished up into geometric point pendants and set into a sturdy silver plated bail. The pendants are ready to string straight onto a chain for an instant make! I recommend the CH27  (pictured above) as it’s finished with a lobster clasp already – the pendant slides right onto it.





What makes me love these pendants even more than I already do is the price – £1.97. ONE POUND AND NINETY SEVEN PENCE! For a gemstone pendant, the girls have excelled themselves pricing them up. You can pick up a pendant and the chain I just mentioned for a total of £3.96. High streets are piling on the pounds for semi-precious jewellery – something we’re never going to do with our components.

Theres a total of 6 beautiful pendants for you to choose from. I’ve already stocked up on all of them so I can swap them to match my outfits. 🙈 My personal favourite is the black one I’ve snapped on Instagram (above) as it goes with just about anything I wear!

You can click the image below to see all the pendants.


I hope you love them as much as I do. Which is your fave style?
Drop me a comment below.

Speak to you soon,



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