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Beads of the Week: Stabilised Lapis-Chrysocolla

Unfortunately, the beads in this project are now discontinued. However, you can use any 6mm semi-precious beads as an alternative.

The NEW Stabilised Lapis-Chrysocolla beads are my beads of the week this week because they’ve just arrived at Beads Direct and I can’t keep my eyes off them! The natural semi-precious gemstone is a gorgeous mix of turquoise and forest green that look like carefully painted little, blue planets. Now that Summer just around the corner I’m wearing more earthy tones, and just love to mix turquoise and brown for a summery boho style. I combined the Lapis-Chrysocolla beads with dark, brown leather for this Forest Wrap Bracelet.
Follow the step by step tutorial below to find out how it’s made.


Any 6mm Semi-Precious Beads
2mm Leather Cord
Satin Cord 0.5mm x5m
Button approx 15mm
2 Bulldog clips
Big Eye needle

To work out the length of leather you will need, take the size of your wrist, triple it then + 4 inches. I have small 6″ wrists so I measured a length of 18″ then added 4″ to it to make my final piece of leather 22 inches long. If you plan to use a big button or like bigger knots then add a bit more length. It is always better to have too much than too little! For the cord length, I used around 14ft (double threaded) and the Waxed Cotton Cord 1mm Dark Brown perfect as it gives you plenty to work with and you don’t need to cut it until the very end.

Step 1.

Testing the needle size.
Before you do anything else make sure that you have the right size needle (I learnt the hard way!). Do a simple test first by threading the needle and pull the cord so that you have two threads.  Pass the needle through a bead and then back again through the bead. You want to be able to pass the needle through the bead twice. I had to use my flat-nose pliers to help pull the needle head through.

Step 2.*
With the needle threaded, tie the two ends of the thread together and drop the needle to the middle of the thread. Take your leather cord and fold it in half. Place the thread end (knot at the top) inside the leather cord and tie a loose-ish knot. Before tightening the knot, make sure you can fit your button through the loop.
*Alternatively, you can do this project with a single thread. Cut the length of thread in half and knot it the same time as the leather.
Step 1

Step 3.

 Grab your card/board and secure the leather ends at the top and bottom with clips, leaving the thread loose in the middle.

Step 2
Step 4.
Before adding any beads you need to create a binding.
Think of a figure 8 pattern working around the outside of the cord and through the middle.
Start by going OVER then UNDER the LEFT – then pulling the cord tight through the middle. Then move OVER and UNDER the RIGHT. See the image below for guidance. Repeat this pattern 4 times keeping the tension by pulling the cord tight after each turn.

Step 3

Step 5.
Adding the beads is similar to the previous step. Begin with your thread in the middle, coming from over the left side (see below).
Add a bead and hold it between the two cords.

Step 5

Before adding the bead.

Step 6.

Thread over the right leather and under, pulling the it through the middle as before. Pull tight.

Step 6
Step 7.
Thread the needle back through the bead from right to left and pull tight.

Step 8
Step 8.
Thread OVER and UNDER the left cord and pull tight.
Continue to add beads until you reach a couple of inches before the end of the cord.
At this stage remove the clips and test the size of your bracelet on your wrist ad add or remove beads accordingly.
Remember that the knot and button end will add an inch or so.

Step 10

Step 9.
To finish off the end of the beads repeat step 4 to bind the leather cords together.

Step 12
Step 10
Pull the threads to tighten the bind. Cut the thread leaving 6 inches or so.
Separate the threads so you have one on each of the OUTER sides of the leather.
Tie the threads in an overhand knot over the two leather cords. Knot once more and tighten for a secure finish.
You could use a drop of Fevi Kwik glue on the knot for an extra strong hold, but I preferred not to. Snip off the thread ends.

Step 11
Thread on your button onto the two leather cord ends next to the thread binding.
Finish buy knotting the end of the leather close to the button and snipping off any excess leather cord.


If you make a your own Forest Wrap bracelet I would love to see it!
Drop me a comment below or email your photos to

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