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Beads Of The Week: Sky Blue Faceted Crystal Glass Beads

Add a little ‘Summer Skies‘ to your outfit with a beautiful
woven necklace that is super easy to create…

Hi everyone!

We recently had a delivery of these beautiful faceted crystal glass beads and I couldn’t resist
creating something straight away! This “Summer Skies” necklace uses a really simple and
easy to pick up pattern, which I was lucky enough to stumble upon on Facebook.

(A big thank you to Michelle Beavan for sharing it with us!)

You will need:

Sky Blue Crystal Glass Faceted Rounds 6mm (BG0184)
Supplemax Illusion Cord (TC94)
Crystal AB Wild Heart Swarovski Pendant 27mm (AC758)
Pinch Bail for Large Pendant (F0357)
Lobster Clasp

 Step 1. step1       Crimp a lobster clasp onto 60cms of illusion cord.

Step 2.
step 2
Add 2 6mm rondelles to each piece of cord.
Add crystal to one cord and push second cord through to opposite side. Pull tight.

Step 3.
step 3
Repeat this as before. You should start to see your pattern!

Step 4.

step 5
Keep repeating until you have half the desired length beaded.

Step 5.
step 6
To create the ‘V’, thread 2 crystals onto the right side of cord with your pendant bail (just add
another bead if you decide not to use a pendant)
and add one bead on the other cord. Loop through last bead as before.

Step 6.
step 8
Your cords should now be exiting your beads as so, with
your pendant added if you chose to do so. Start your pattern again to build
up the beads on the other side.

Step 7.
step 9
You’ll see how it’s changed angle.
Bead the other half of your necklace. Finish by crimping onto a jumpring.

And that’s it – so easy and the results are stunning!
This pattern is really versatile too, and you can use a whole variety
of different crystal beads to create something truly unique.

Will you be having a go at this necklace or using it for inspiration
for another design?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Jaide x x


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