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Beads of the Week: Green Chinese Crystal Faceted Rondelles


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They may be small in size, but the Chinese Crystal beads pack a glamorous shimmer in tones of emerald green. Their faceted sides act like tiny mirrors and bounce back light for a real luxury looking bead. Chinese crystal is actually very affordable and with a variety of size beads to choose from I’ve found them great to work with as a beginner beader. I bet you could make a variety of different style projects by stringing the rondelles together in different colours or mixing it up with charms and chain! The dark green looks great along side gold especially. See my little make below!

Keep it Simple: Emerald Shimmer Necklace

I like to keep things simple for now, but if you wanted to jazz up the design, add a toggle clasp or pendant!

Green Chinese Crystal Set LONG

Materials Used:
Gold-plated curb chain 18” (CH26)
Green Chinese Crystal Glass Rondelles 4mm 16”(EX3986)
Beads Direct Gold Plated Findings Kit (ST185)
Beadalon Flexible 7 Strand Wire (W73)
Beads Direct Combination Round/Cutter Pliers (W318)


Step one: Measure out 2 lengths of 6″ (15cm) of gold chain and cut off the clasp ends (you can use these later, or a add lobster clasp instead)

Step two: Thread a gold spacer bead onto the wire

TOP TIP: Leave the wire on the reel to prevent you loosing beads at the other end!

Step three: Thread on the Chinese crystal beads to approx 7.5″ (16.5cm)

TOP TIP:  If you don’t have a bead mat yet you can use the inside of the wire reel to hold your beads!

Step four: Finish the wire with a gold spacer bead and a calotte

Step five: Attach the calotte hook to one end of the chain

Step six: Cut the wire off the reel

Step seven: Attach a calotte and hook it onto the other chain

Step eight: Attach a gold jumpring to each end of the chain

Step nine: Complete the necklace by attaching a lobster clasp to one of the jumprings.

This is actually one of my first necklace designs! I also made a simple elastic stretch bracelet to go with it. What do you think? I’ve fallen in love with the green/gold combination – they really compliment each other!
If you make one similar yourself I would love to see it – send your photos to


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