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Beads of the Week: Blue Goldstone


We all love beads and there are just so many to choose from! Each Beads of the Week feature will shine a little light on some of our personal favourites that you may not have seen before, giving you the inspiration to make something different.

Blue Goldstone beads are my first pick of the week. Have you ever seen them before? They are a beautiful midnight blue colour with a silvery glitter that sparkles in the light. Like stars shining on a summer night, these little galaxy balls are polished with a perfectly smooth finish.

You could mix the goldstone beads with simple silver pendant or wear on a delicate silver chain to highlight those lovely silvery specks, for an elegant evening look.

Interestingly gold bluestone appears to be natural but it is actually a man-made glass. Despite this, it is said to be one of the most popular gemstones worldwide and in crystal healing culture is regarded as the ‘master healer’ for its many healing properties.

 Andromeda Necklace 

For this project you want to create a beaded chain by connecting the beads with jump-rings in between. I used the looper tool for this as it saves a lot of time! Link the beads together until you have a chain 18″ long and find the 9″ half way mark for your pendant to hang. Complete the necklace by attaching your clasp of choice!

Products Used
8mm blue goldstone beads (EX165)
Swarovski Elements clear drop pendant (AC345)
Beads Direct Silver Plated Findings Kit (ST184)

What are your favourite beads to work with? Let us know in the comments below!


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