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Beads Of The Week: Amethyst Freeform Nugget Beads

Hi everybody,

I wanted to take this week’s Beads Of The Week blog post because I’ve fallen completely in love! Amethyst has always been my absolute favourite gemstone and as soon as these gorgeous Freeform Nugget beads arrived I knew I was going to have tons of fun using them in my designs. Check them out here.

Freeform gemstone beads can sometimes be a little daunting to work with, as you’re always working with a completely unique piece. However, these little beauties are drilled horizontally through the top of the bead, making them absolutely perfect for pendants. As they’re all so beautiful, I didn’t want to make anything that would detract from the beads – all you need is a simple necklace base.

As they are quite chunky, a pendant bail or jumping wouldn’t really be the best choice here. The simplest and prettiest way to hang these is by creating a bail from wire. Here’s how to wire wrap one of these beads. It’s super easy.


You’ll need 0.5mm wire, your amethyst drop, a chain or choker
base and pliers.

Thread on approx. 40cms of wire, leaving two 20cm
tails each side.
Fold your wire across the bead and give a quick
twist to secure the wire up close to the pendant.

Loop over one tail of wire to create your bail loop.
Wrap the same tail of wire around both wire tails a
couple of times.

Wrap the other tail around the bail a couple of times.



Trim any excess wire from your tails and tuck in
any loose ends if you need to.

Ta-da! Your pendant is now ready to attach to a necklace base of your choice.

 Amethyst Necklace2 850IMG_0410
For the above necklaces, I used a Sterling Silver chain for the left (SS111) which comes ready to wear with a lobster clasp. For the necklace on the right, I simply added some calottes onto 2 lengths of leather cord and one length of black organza ribbon – then added an extension chain and lobster clasp. The beauty of these pendants is how versatile they are – they’ll go with almost any other colours.


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