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Beaded Christmas Tree Centrepiece

We’re getting into the festive spirit this month and we’re all busy making some fun beady decorations and Christmas jewellery! These cute Christmas tree ornaments are so colourful and fun to make, they’re the perfect crafty project to get you in the Christmas mood.

Project Materials

  • Green tone rattail cord
  • Seed bead mix
  • Gold tone chain
  • Acrylic shaped beads
  • Red cord
  • Beading thread
  • Beading needle

You will also need


Project Tutorial

Step 1. Take one of your polystyrene cones and cover it in double sided sticky tape.

Step 2. Take one of your rattail multi colour packs and place all 4 colours next to each other. Starting at the bottom of the cone, take all 4 threads and start wrapping them around the base. Overlap the starting point of the threads as neatly as you can and continue wrapping upwards, all the way up the cone. Spend a little time making sure your threads are neat before you press them securely to the cone.

Step 3. Once you are happy your cone is covered all the way to the top, cut off any excess cord.

Step 4. Now it’s time to add your Christmas tree decorations! On one tree, we have threaded a selection of seed beads onto a length of beading thread. We used about 60cm of seed beads here. Keep your thread a bit longer so you can add some more beads if needed. Knot the beads onto the thread to they won’t come off of either end. Secure one end of the thread to the top of the tree. You can tuck it into the cords at the very top to hide the end or use a glue gun to secure it in place. We will add a star to the top of the tree, so you may want to glue all the pieces you want at the top at the same time. Wrap your seed beads around the cone and secure them at the bottom. You could glue your thread to the bottom of your cone or add a needle to your tail thread here and pass it through some of the green cord to hide it in your work.

On our other tree we chose to wrap gold chain around the cone in the same way and secured it with glue at several points and on either end. To finish this tree we took a length of red cord and knotted little lantern shape beads along the thread. You could swap these with small charms or add more colourful beads to look like fairy lights! Wrap this to your design in the same way as before.

Step 5. Finally glue a star bead to the top of the tree. You can do this using a cool glue gun that won’t melt the polystyrene cone or by carefully sewing through the bead and sewing into the green cords attached to the cone – *see the tip below.

*To sew on your star you would need to sew through your bead, add a small seed bead and sew back down through the star. Then sew into/under the rattail cord on your cone, knot and weave the thread until you are confident it won’t unravel and secure the tail thread into the design in the same way.

Step 6. To cover any loose threads at the base of your Christmas tree, try gluing a piece of card or decorative paper to the underside to hide them. 


You can find more inspiring Christmas designs HERE!





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