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Soutache Pendants

Sparkle Soutache Pendants by Katalin Appadoo

These fabulous beaded soutache style pendants are perfect for adding a dash of metallic shine to your party outfits! Follow Katalin’s project below and learn how to create a personalised design with a brilliant range of shapes, mediums and materials.


For your pendants:

Silver sparkly resin marquise flat back cabochons (BA135)
Preciosa pressed glass candy twin hole beads in frosted gold (BG0457)
Beadsmith black sturdy Soutache beading foundation (ST1122)
Silver felt square beading foundation (ST212)
Miyuki Cube Beads 4mm Metallic Black Iris (SB458)
Preciosa twin hole seed beads in labrador/shiny silver (TWH0005C)
Miyuki Cube Beads 4mm Metallic Gold (SB1053)
Toho size 15 frosted gold lined crystal seed beads (15TR989F)
Toho size 8 frosted silver lined seed beads (8TR21F)
KO black beading thread (TC304)
Czech fire polished 4mm glass beads gold bronze (BG0392)
Toho size 11 metallic iris brown seed beads (11TR83)
Toho size 8 demi round matte frosted antique silver seed beads (8DR566)
Preciosa pressed chilli beads copper (BG0465)
Preciosa pressed chilli beads in silver (BG0464)
Staedtler Fimo effect polymer clay in metallic gold (PC35)
Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive glue (W370)

For your cord and clasp:

Grey round leather 2mm cord (TC518)
Gold round leather 2mm cord (TC702)
Black organza 9mm ribbon (TC1024)
Gold plated fold over small cord ends (F0697)
Beadsmith silver metallic rayon soutache cord (TC898)
Gold plated lobster clasps (F0622)
Gold plated iron 4mm jump rings (F0214)


  1. First take out all materials you would have in mind for this project. I have made my centre cabochon using gold Fimo clay. You can also add some Fimo metallic powder to give a crackled look. I then designed it further by adding a sparkly resin cabochon on top of it.

step 1

  1. Glue all cabochons and sew bigger beads into place.

step 2

  1. Start working your way close to the main cabochon adding super duo beads all the way around it.

step 2

  1. After closing the circle add a gold cube then carry on sewing closely enough to the 2 candy beads by creating a “ribbon”.


  1. Bring your needle onto the surface of your work and start working around the bottom resin cabochon by adding some 3mm beads around it, once you have done it up to the other end, come down adding chilli beads all the way between the bigger beads, secure your line at this point.


  1. Jump back up to the main cabochon and close up the small corners on each side where the “ribbon” and centre cabochon meets by using Toho seed beads around in a half circle and adding a 4mm bead in the middle. Carry on adding Toho seed beads around your centre cabochon design keeping approx. 3-4 mm between each all the way around the super duo beads- then turn back at the end and start adding 11/0 seed beads between each Toho seed beads creating a “line” by running your needle through them. You do not need to sew into the felt.

6. 7. 8.

  1. After you have finished this design on the main cabochon, start adding beads in the same way around the candy beads.
  1. At this point I have decided not to work around the other 2 candy beads I added to my design at the beginning.
  1. Cut off the excess felt but leave approx. 3 mm edge to help your design to pop out – later on we will add more felt in layers.


  1. Add a grey/silver felt underneath and trim it around leaving approx. 3mm extra around the black felt again.


  1. Start adding cube beads around your main cabochon (see on picture) by doing this you secure the two felts together as well as getting your design more complex.


  1. Carry on adding seed beads along the side of the candy beads ( see on picture ) in 3D effect/embroidery.


  1. Add some more beads between the chilli beads by adding some demi round beads secured with 11/0 seed beads, design as you go along!


  1. Complete the design on the other side as well.


  1. place your work over an other sheet of black felt and cut it around by leaving 3mm excess of it adding to your design.


  1. Cut a 3 cm long leather cord and sew it onto your pendant on the grey felt, then glue to attach it all to the black felt what we have already prepared previously.


  1. Your pendant is ready! Now it is up to you if you would like it on short or long chain.
  2. Once you’ve decided on how long you’d like your cord, knot at the halfway point around this loop of cord on top of your pendant. Take one side of your necklace and close a cord end on the tip. You may wish to add a drop of glue into this before closing the cord end with flat nose pliers. Repeat this on the other side of the necklace. Attach a jump ring to each side of the necklace onto the cord end and finally attach a lobster clasp to one of the sides.



Macramé Knotted Ring | Mini Make Monday

Since I first learnt how to macramé knot, I’ve been adding little knotted details into lots of my designs! Once you’ve mastered the simple knotting pattern then the ideas are sure to start flowing for you to get creative with them. Try mixing your coloured threads, adding beads into your knots or even using your macramé sections as functional, sliding clasps. Take a look at more of our pretty macramé projects and learn some new designs on the Beads Direct Design Centre!


Pale Blue 0.5mm Satin Cord (TC670)

Grey 0.5mm Satin Cord (TC492)

Two Hole Silver Ring Base (F0302)

One Drop Instant Glue (W311)


macrame ring2

Follow the steps and images below to make your own delicate macramé ring:

Step 1 – Cut a 10″ length of your chosen inside colour cord. Thread this around your rings threading holes 4 times making sure to end both ends of cord on the underside of the ring.

Step 2 – Knot these cords securely together and trim them leaving a small tail on each. These can be hidden inside your macramé knotting.

Step 3 – Secure your ring base to your work surface using some tape so that it doesn’t move whilst you are knotting. Cut a 15″ length of your second coloured cord.

Step 4 – Create approx 6 macramé knots between the two holes on your ring base, capturing the cords stretched across the ring.

To create a full macramé knot, follow the steps below and see images 3 and 4.

Take your length of cord and thread it through the ring base. Take your left side of this cord and create a ‘q’ shape using the left cord as the circular part and the cords stretched across the ring as the line part of the ‘q’ shape. Take the right hand side of the cord and place it OVER the left cord (image 3). Next thread the same right hand cord under the left thread, through the ring base and up through the ‘q’ shape of the left hand cord (image 4). Pull this half of the knot tight.

Repeat this process on the right hand side of the ring, creating a ‘p’ shape with the right cord, moving the left cord over the right, under it, through the ring and up through the ‘p’ shape. This is the other half of the macramé knot.

Step 5 – Once you are happy with your knots across your ring, make an overhand knot on the underside and secure with a small drop of glue or clear nail polish. When the glue is dry you can trim off the tail threads.

Once you have mastered your macramé technique, why not try adding some small beads into your knots? You could also try creating really small, detailed macramé knots using a finer cord!


chakra bracelet

Deep Sea Chakra Bracelet

Creating pretty jewellery with a colour or style in mind is my favourite way to choose and discover different beads, materials and techniques. The deep, rich tone of ‘Snorkel Blue’ is great for wearing at any time of year but is perfect for using with bright silver and other metallic tones that catch the light!

For this month’s inspirational colour I decided to use my favourite technique and create a delicate, adjustable Macramé bracelet and place one of my favourite 15mm chakra charms in the centre. These little charms come in two sizes and are ideal for threading onto cord bracelets, adding to a silver necklace or even attaching to an earring base! I chose to finish off my bracelet with matching sterling silver round beads as they have a brilliant shine! Don’t worry if you’ve never done any Macramé knotting before, follow the steps and images below to learn as you go!


Your choice of sterling silver chakra charm – (Click here to choose)

Nylon cord 1mm (TC407)

Sterling silver rounds (SS41)

Fevi Kwik glue (W471)

Click here to add all your materials to your basket!

Step 1

Cut 2 x 30cm length strands and 2 x 1 meter length strands.

Step 2

Thread the 20cm length of cord through a hole on your charm to its halfway point and thread the other 20cm length through the other side of the charm to the halfway point.

step 2

Step 3

Choose one side of your charm and secure those threads to a work surface so that the cords stay taught. Bring the two threads together as they will act as one thread running through the centre of the knots. Thread one of your longer lengths of thread under both the cords to the halfway point. Tie a normal overhand knot at the base of the 20cm thread close to the charm.

Step 4

Start your Macramé knotting by following the step by step diagrams below.

– Take your right hand cord and pass it over the middle two cords.
– Next, take your left hand cord and place it over the right cord. Move the left cord under the centre cord and up through the middle of the loop on the right side.
– Pull the threads to finish one half of your knot.
– Repeat this process on the opposite side by starting by crossing the left and cord over the middle cords.

Click here to watch a short video on how to create your Macramé square knots.


Step 5

Create approx. 2″ of knotted cord.
Repeat this on the other side of your charm.


Step 6

Take the 4 ends of the centre cords, lay them side by side and then do a Macramé braid (approx. 6 or 7 square knots) for your sliding knot.


Step 7
Secure the ends with a drop of glue, being careful not to glue the sliding knot to the centre cords running through it (otherwise it will not be able to slide and adjust). Try gently pulling the centre cords through the sliding knot while the glue dries.
Trim the ends so the sliding knot is neat.


Your adjustable bracelet is finished! Macramé designs are perfect for gifting and selling as they don’t need to be fitted to each persons wrist 🙂



Tropical Sky Kumihimo Necklace

Hi Beaders, today I wanted to share one of my latest designs which I think is perfect for summer! This kumihimo necklace makes use of our brand new Preciosa Czech fire polished beads in bright matt white and turquoise. Why not choose your favourite colour faceted round beads and personalise this to your own tastes? I love to make delicate kumihimo pieces using lots of seed beads and small glass beads, so these new 4mm fire polished beads were the perfect choice for a summer necklace.


Here’s what you will need to make your own kumihimo necklace:

Silver Plated Iron Jumprings 4mm – F0210

Silver Plated Chain Finished with Clasp – CH27

Preciosa Czech Fire Polished 4mm Faceted Beads Matt Turquoise Pk100 – BG0300

Preciosa Czech Fire Polished 4mm Faceted Beads Matt White Pk100 – BG0297

Titanium Plated Mini Toggle Clasp – F0251

No Tangle Thread Bobbins with 24g Weight – W368

Nymo white thread 0.2mm – TC298

Kumihimo Braiding Disk Round 6 Inch – W323

Antique Silver Zamak Cord Ends with Loop – F0141

Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Glue Adhesive – W311

Click here to get all of your materials.

Why not treat yourself to some more packs of the fire polished beads to make some matching earrings, a bracelet or a longer, full kumihimo necklace?

Click here for instructions on how to make your Tropical Sky Kumihimo Necklace!

I hope you enjoy making your own pretty kumihimo jewellery as much as I do,

love from Holly xx


Beads of the Week: Czech Fire Polished Cantaloupe and Grape Beads

The gorgeous tones of these Czech fire polished glass round beads in dual coated cantaloupe and grape give any design an effortless summer look. Each bead is slightly different in its amount of rich, bright orange tones and feminine lilac and purple tones.

These stunning beads are made in the Czech Republic and are cut to give them a faceted surface. They are then glazed and polished over an open fire, giving them their unique shine!

You can find out more about Czech fire polished beads here  🙂

I instantly fell in love with the unique combination of colours and wanted to include them in a delicate design for everyday wear. I decided to string them, add a connecting feature in the center of my design and combine them with a few seed beads in a neutral tone that emphasised their rich colours.

Cantaloupe and Grape Star Bracelet
Here’s my little bracelet make for you to try yourself!

To make this simple and delicate Star Bracelet, you will need:

BG0007 – Czech Fire Polished Glass Round Beads Dual Coated Cantaloupe/Grape 4mm Pk100

TC304 – KO Beading Thread Black 50m

15TR49F – Toho Seeds Round Opaque Frosted Jet Size 15 10g

F0340 – Silver Plated Magnetic Ball Clasp 6mm Pk1

A very thin needle for threading through seed beads.


  1. Begin by cutting approx. 3 x the length that you want your bracelet to be. I wanted my bracelet to be around 6″ long so it fit snuggly to my wrist.
  2. Attach one side of your magnetic ball clasp to one end of your thread, threading it through the clasps loop several times for added security, double knotting and leaving about an inch of thread as well as your long piece that you’ll be working with.
  3. Thread on a frosted jet seed bead followed by a cantaloupe bead, making sure to thread over the inch long tail as well as your main thread as this will provide extra security and a stronger bracelet.
  4. Carry on alternating between the two types of beads until you have reached approx. 3″ (approx. 13-15 cantaloupe beads). You may want to add more or less beads depending on your wrist size.Stringing
  5. Put this half of the bracelet to one side.
  6. To create the star feature in the middle of the bracelet, you will need to cut approx. 15″ of cord.
  7. Thread on 10 seed beads and thread the cord through the beads a second time to create a loop.Loop
  8. Next, thread on 5 seed beads, skip a bead, then thread through the next bead on the loop you made in the last step.IMG_9181 IMG_9182
  9. Carry on this pattern creating 4 more points
  10. To make each side extra pointy, thread your cord through the two beads on one side of the point, then, missing the 3rd center bead which will be the tip of the star point, thread back down the other sides two beads. IMG_9185IMG_9186
  11. You can make your star more secure by threading your cord another time around the loop in the middle of the star and around the points.
  12. Bring the thread out of the star next to the other thread where you started.IMG_9188
  13. Double or triple knot the two strands together and cut them off close to the star using sharp scissors or flush cutters.
  14. Going back to your bracelet, thread the bracelet cord through one of the points of your star, around the star through the beads to make it secure and out the opposite side of the star.
  15. Continue your bead pattern on the other side of the bracelet, and end by securing on the other side of your magnetic clasp.
  16. Loop the thread through the clasps loop a few times, pull the cord so that the beads are very close to the clasp.
  17. Knot your cord in-between the seed bead and the clasp loop and thread your cord back through and inch or two of your beaded bracelet for security.
  18. Carefully cut this thread close to the beads, making sure not to cut the bracelet thread.



You can mix up this design to add more stars or you might even want to try our other Czech fire polished glass round beads with a cantaloupe twist!





(Click on the images to find out more!) 

I hope that you will love these bright little beads as much as I do!

From Holly x

Simple Beaded Rose Design


This week, I wanted to share my latest bead creation and show you how you can make your own!

I wanted to make a rose design with Beads Directs gorgeous ‘ROSEMIX’ seed bead mix. The mix features lovely light pink tones and silvers in tiny 2mm beads. I separated these small beads from the mix to use for my rose!

For this make you will need:

 – ROSEMIX – x2

– Shamrock Lined Size 11 Round Toho Seed Beads – (11TR699) – x1

Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.315mm – (W116) – x1


7. Repeat this process until you have 5 petals and 3 leaves.

8. Make 2 smaller petals for the inside of the rose using the same pattern as above, but stopping at 8 rose seed beads instead of 14.

– Feel free to make even smaller petals to fill out the centre of the rose!

9. Wrap all the petals wires together to create the stem, try to keep the wrapping quite neat and tight.

10. Wrap the leaf wires tightly around the stem and arrange your petals and leaves into the positions you want.

… and there you have your finished beaded rose!


Why not trim and decorate the wire stem with a thin ribbon to make a really cute gift, or make a whole bouquet of roses in different pastel tones!

I hope this tutorial inspires you to adapt, personalise and make your own unique designs!

Enjoy creating your own beaded flowers!


From Holly x


Beginners Macrame Knotting

Being relatively new to making my own jewellery, I wanted to share some of the simple, beginner techniques that I’ve picked up in the first few months of being at Beads Direct!

Since I first started looking at the brilliant jewellery being made by the girls at Beads, I’ve been fascinated by macramé square knotting and making adjustable bracelets that can fit any wrist.  The finished bracelets can look really intricate and professional, but I was assured that the technique was really easy to get the hang of!

Here’s my step-by-step guide on how create a simple macramé square knot bracelet (with a little feature in the centre)!


Click on the video below to view my short tutorial on how to square knot!


 Let’s make a dainty daisy bracelet! 



From Holly x