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Bead Chandeliers – 5 of our favourites

Bead Chandeliers are becoming one of the big interior design ideas of the season. Designs range from the colourful to the grand.
This is a selection of some of our favourites


1.Laura Whitewashed Bead 6-Light Chandelier, Palladium Gold

Bead 6-Light Chandelier, Palladium Gold by Laura Whitewashed

2.Image result for wood and beaded chandeliers

Wood and Bead Chandelier, from Shoplucketts

3.Natural Wooden Bead Chandelier with Distressed Metal Detail

Natural wooden bead chandelier with distressed metal detail from Cowshed Interiors

4.Stunning Wooden Bead Chandelier.In two sizes.This showstopping chandelier is made by hand from hundreds of wooden beads and looks beautiful lit or unlit. Perfect above a dining table, in an entrance hall or kitchen, or a decadent bedroom. It comes with the steel ceiling rose as shown and 3ft of flex and chain link that can be shortened to any length. Takes an E27 (large screw) bulb and is dimmable.Metal frame and wooden beads.Small: approx. 36cm dia x 46cm high Large: approx. 49cm dia x 59cm...

Anvers Wooden Bead Chandelier from Horsfall & Wright


Natural wood draped beads & rope accents pendant hanging chandelier from wholesale central

While there are several stunning designs you may like to make something unique. Here are some beads that we think may look great.

White wood round 12mm natural wood beads 16″ strand

Greywood round 12mm natural wood beads 16″ strand

Rosewood round 12mm natural wood beads 16″ strand

Click here to see the full range of  wooden beads


Teddy Bears Picnic

Happy Teddy Bears Picnic Day

The great British Summer is in full swing and while the sun is shining we decided to give our hard working teddy bears a break. They picked their favourite sparkly bits from the beads direct stores and headed out on their very own teddy bears picnic. We managed to grab a few sneaky pics of them enjoying themselves…..Happy Teddy Bears Picnic Day 2017! While you’re enjoying the photos remember everything featured has up to 50% off in our Summer section (not including the bears they are coming home with us).

Teady Bears Picnic day 2017

The gang

Anyone for cricket

Anyone for cricket

Monkey hanging around

Monkey, just hanging around

Time for a spot of gardening

Time for a spot of gardening

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

Do you think you can guess whose bear belong to who? Have a go at our online quiz!

If your Teddy has been enjoying Teddy Bears picnic day in sparkly beads, why not send us a photo to dan@beadsdirect.co.uk.

Sleep Easy with This Beaded Dream Catcher Project

A big thank you to Sally Writes, one of our lovely crafting friends. Sally shared this great post with us recently. If you have any projects or ideas you would like share. Please email Dan at dan@beadsdirect.co.uk.

Sleep Easy with This Beaded Dream Catcher Project


Beaded Dream capture

Beaded Dream capture

Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams that enter our minds when we go to bed. Therefore, they started the tradition of the dreamcatcher to block the route of bad dreams and increase the flow of good dreams. The main element of the dream catcher is the netted hoop. Good dreams know how to pass through the outer loops of the hoop design, while bad dreams get tangled and trapped within the hoop.

If you have a child that may be scared to sleep alone or is experiencing bad dreams, help soothe them by working together to create your own dream catcher. The legend will ease their minds and it’s a fun arts and crafts project to enjoy on a weekend indoors.

What you Need:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Lace or other open fabric
  • Blunt needle
  • Yarn
  • Fabric Glue
  • Beads
  • Feathers
  • Any other embellishments such as glitter or star and moon shapes

Step One: Cut your lace to fit inside the embroidery hoop.

Step Two: Knot one end of the yarn and put it through the blunt needle. Stitch around the outside of the hoop and up through the bottom to attach the lace to your hoop. With each stitch add a few colourful beads to decorate your hoop.

Step Three: After the inside of the hoop is colourfully decorated, add other embellishments. Use nontoxic fabric glue to add your chosen embellishments in the centre. Star and moon shapes are nice to give the dreamcatcher a night theme. Dreamcatchers are also usually decorated with sacred items, so something that represents things your child loves would also be great to glue around the outsides of the hoop. This could be a soccer ball bead or a sticker of their favourite Disney character – whatever your child’s heart desires.

Step Four: Now it’s time to add the hanging feathers, of which the good dreams will use to glide down to enter your child’s sleeping mind. Cut a piece of yarn, about the size you want the dreamcatcher’s tail to be. Then tie a few colourful feathers to the end. String the yarn through the bottom of the hoop and add a couple more beads for decoration. Push the beads down towards the feather and cover the exposed feather tips to finish off your dreamcatcher.

Now that you have created your dream catcher, place it over or near your child’s bed. It will swing freely in the air and trap the bad dreams that plague him or her.

Talented designer makes beads the highlight of Graduate Fashion Week

The British School of Fashion was established to encourage innovation in fashion. Everyone at Beads Direct is passionate about creativity and design. At the start of 2017 Beads Direct joined forces with Rachael Weir, a massively talented student studying at British School of Fashion. Rachael selected beads from our range and worked her magic. The results formed part of her catwalk show at Graduate Fashion Week and are nothing short of breathtaking!

Rachel Weir designed bead jumper

Stunning fashion design using beads

Top with bead detailing at graduate fashion week

Top with bead detailing at graduate fashion week designed by Rachael Weir

Stunning back detailk using beads

Stunning back detail using beads

Eye catching head wrap made from beads

Eye-catching head wrap made from beads

Face mask made from bead by Rachel Weir

Face mask made from bead by Rachel Weir