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Angel Delight Necklace | Mini Make Monday

Inspired by the release of our Christmas Shop, I wanted to create a something special to wear during the festive period. The Swarovski Artemis Pendants are perfect for using as angel bodies and when paired with our heart and wings bead, you get the perfect angel shape! For me, angels are a wonderful symbol of Christmas.

I opted for an amethyst theme for my design due to the beads calming nature and its colour is perfect for adding a touch of colour and sparkle any autumnal outfit. We have the Swarovski Artemis bead available in three colours and the heart and wing bead available in antique silver Zamac and rose gold plated Zamac– so why not choose your own colour theme and make this necklace in your own style?


5540 Swarovski Artemis Pendant (AC766)
5045 Swarovski Rondelle Beads (AC1611)
Antique Silver Zamak Heart & Wings Bead (MB778)
Amethyst Round Beads (EX433)
Silver Plated Curb Chain (CH27)
Silver Plated Headpins (F0039)
Silver Plated Jumprings (F0212)


Step 1 – Place your Swarovski Artemis bead onto your headpin, followed by your angel wings, amethyst round bead and your Swarovski Rondelle bead. Create a loop at the end of your headpin.

Step 2 – Attach your angel charm to your chain using a jumpring. angel-850


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