Amethyst Drop Earrings | Mini-Make Monday

For this week’s Mini-Make we are using Swarovski Iridescent purple pearls with Long Magatama beads. We have used our brand new earring drop frames for this design and you can use any choice of beads to add to this frame, simply unclip the wire from the drop frames and start adding your beads!

Project Materials

1x 5810 Swarovski Glass Pearls 4mm Cry Iridescent Purple Pk50 (HH266)
2x 5540 Crystal Swarovski 12mm artemis amethyst pendant (AC766)
1x Gold Plated Wire Ear Drop Frames 26x53mm Pack of 2 (F0708)
1x Earwires gold plated with ball & coil 10 pairs (F1082)
1x Gold Plated Brass Headpins 50mm Pk100 (F0044)
1x Miyuki Long Magatama 4x7mm Duracoat Galvanized Silver 10g (LMA4201)



To make these earrings, unclip the wire from the drop frame and thread the below onto the frame:

1x Long Magatama
1x 4mm Pearl
1x Long Magatama
1x 4mm Pearl
1x Long Magatama
1x 4mm Pearl

Attach the Swarovski drop using a headpin and repeat the above process. Clip the wire back into the frame and attach your earwire.


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