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Agate Slice Pendants

Have you seen the NEW Agate Pendants slices that just arrived? Their truly GORGEOUS and all of us a Beads Direct are currently a little obsessed with them. You can’t really blame us though, just look at the incredible details! With each one a slice of natural Agate gemstone, the markings and details are completely unique which means your pendant is the only one like it. Choose from four stunning colour styles: Teal, Purple, Grey and Coffee agate and wait eagerly for your surprise pendant to arrive! Simply attach the pendant to a leather cord, or ball chain for a simple make that looks stunning. Or for something a little more beady, check out the ‘Delphine’ project below!

Learn how to make this stunning ‘Delphine’ jewellery set with all NEW Semi-Precious gemstones!

Delphine 850 2
Here’s a link to all the Agate Pendants
Which agate slice is your favourite? I personally love the deep teal coloured slices!
They remind me of rock pools and crashing waves on a sandy beach


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