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Add a little glamour to your fave bag…

Handbag charms are a great way of changing the look of your favourite bag without having to fork out for a new one. Inexpensive and reasonably simple to make, you can create a whole range of handmade charms to clip on and off as you please! In this 5 Minute Make we’ll be using gorgeous rainbow Pyrite beads…

I’ve not stopped using Pyrite nugget beads in my designs since they arrived a few weeks ago – because they are just so gorgeous! They have a glittering spectrum of colours which really come out when they catch the light. The best part? These are totally natural and haven’t been coated to give them a faux effect.

For this handbag charm I’ve only use a handful of  materials to come out with a really pretty end piece.

You will need:

Pyrite Nugget Beads
Beading Wire or Illusion Cord
(Turquoise) Size 11 Seed Beads
Heart Lobster Clasp
Leather Tassel
Crimp Beads
Flat Nose Pliers

Step 1. Crimp a 30cms length of wire onto the Heart Toggle Clasp (squash the bead flat and flush to the clasp).
Trim any excess wire.

Step 2. Thread on your Pyrite Nuggets and Seed Beads in the pattern 1 x Pyrite, 1 x Seed Bead. Add until you have approximately 15 beads in total, finishing on a Pyrite bead.

Step 3. Crimp the other end of the wire onto the tassel and trim any excess wire.

And that’s it! In less than 5 minutes you can create a really pretty charm to attach to any metal findings on your favourite handbag. If your handbag only had thick handles, you may wish to purchase a large ring to then attach your handbag charm onto.

This is just one design – the possibilities really are endless and you can have lots of fun matching yours to your favourite handbag or outfit!

Why not create one using a Gold Tassel and use Swarovski Bicone beads for a real glam gift?

Love this design? Leave me a comment below.

See you soon!



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