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Beadalon wire

Jewellery Beadalon wire is wire that acts like a thread. Use this jewellery wire when you want all the strength of a wire with the natural drape of a thread. This wire cannot be knotted so you will need to use crimps to terminate the wire. Crimp beadsare an easy way to add a clasp or closure.

Beadalon jewellery wires are similar to acculon, accuflex and tigertail wire. Beadalon's jewellery wires are softer than tigertail wire. We stock Beadalon 7 strand, 19 strand and 49 strand jewellery wire. All have excellent strength, and 7 strand is a great starter jewellery wire. As you get more advanced, why not try 19 strand which is softer and more supple than 7 strand. For a really special jewellery piece, try 49 strand which is the softest, most supple, kink resistant and strongest jewellery wire.