Purple Acrylic Polaris Rondelle Bead Holds 2xSS47 Rivoli 9x16mm Pk1

Code: BA107

Product Details

Create a beautiful accessory using this purple acrylic Polaris rondelle bead that holds 2xSS47 rivoli. This bead is double sided as you can add a crystal to both sides. The bead gets its Polaris name because it appears to glow from the inside. Purchase two of this bead to make a fab pair of earrings with beautiful crystals?

  • Each bead measures approx. 9x16mm.
  • Inside of threading hole measures approx. 1.5mm.
  • Holds 2x SS47 (10.5mm) Swarovski rivoli crystals.
  • Sold individually.
  • This bead is featured in the Crystal Orb Take a Make Break.
NameHeather Trumble
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CommentSo easy to use!
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