Grey Acrylic Polaris Rondelle Bead Holds 1xSS47 Rivoli 9x16mm Pk1

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Lots of different coloured crystals look great in this grey acrylic Polaris rondelle bead that holds 1x SS47 rivoli. The bead gets its Polaris name because it appears to glow from the inside. This bead is single sided, so the base is flat, this makes it great for using in bracelets. There is a double sided version of this bead available.

  • Each bead measures approx. 9x16mm.
  • Inside of threading hole measures approx. 1.5mm.
  • Holds 1x SS47 (10.5mm) Swarovski rivoli crystals.
  • Sold individually.
  • This bead is featured in the Crystal Orb Take a Make Break.


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