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What are Findings?

Jewellery findings is the collective name for all the components and pieces that are used to create, connect, join and finish off jewellery.

Findings are usually made of metal (iron, copper, stainless steel or sterling silver), however, there is a wide range of acrylic or rubber-based products available. Jewellery components are used to connect, modify, decorate and finish ornaments that we create and it is thanks to them that elegant pendants, beautiful necklaces, unique earrings and stylish bracelets are made. Examples of jewellery parts helpful for jewellery creation are Earwires, clasps or toggle claps, as well as chains, jewellery headpins, spacers and many more.

Crimp Beads & Tubes

Crimp Beads and Crimp Tubes are made of a soft metal which is ideally used with Flexible Jewellery wire to secure the ends of your jewellery designs. Simply thread wire through a crimp, through your desired clasp or item you want to connect, and then thread back through the crimp. Squash flat using flat nose pliers or crimping pliers to secure it in place. 

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It is important to choose the right crimp for your wire to ensure a secure fixing. To help, here is a reference table which is a handy guide to crimps and wire sizes:

Beading Wire Size (Inches)
Beading Wire Size (mm)
Crimp Bead Size
Crimp Tube Size
#0 or #1 (1.3 or 2mm)
#1 (1.3mm)
#0 or #1 (1.3 or 2mm)
#1 (1.3mm)
#0 or #1 (1.3 or 2mm)
#1 or 2# (1.3mm or 1.8mm)
#1 (2mm)
#2 (1.8mm)
#1 (2mm)
#2 (1.8mm)
#1 (2mm)
#2 (1.8mm)
#1 (2mm)
#2 (1.8mm)
#2 or #3 (2.5mm or 3mm)
#2 or #3 (1.8mm or 2mm)

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Eyepins are a piece of wire with a loop at one end and they are used to connect your jewellery pieces together. Thread a bead or a group of beads onto the pin and make a loop at the opposite end using round nose pliers or the one-step looper. Connect each loop to the next jewellery component in your design.

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Headpins are a piece of wire with a head to stop beads from coming off. They are used to make bead dangles, practically earrings. Thread on the beads, making sure the head is big enough to stop the beads coming off. Try adding an extra small bead to the bottom if the main bead is coming off the pin. Make a loop at the opposite end using round nose pliers. Attach the loop to your jewellery design and let the beads dangle down.

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Jump Rings

Jump rings are rings used to connect items or attach a clasp or fastening. They can be opened and closed by twisting (don't pull them apart as this will cause them to lose their shape). Grip either side with flat nose pliers and twist each hand in the opposite direction. Connect on to your jewellery and twist again to close.

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Cord ends

Cords Ends are perfect for fixing your cords into, to finish off your design. Below are a variety of ends you may wish to use.

Folder Over Ends – place your chosen cord inside these ends and fold the end over the cord using your flat nose pliers.

Clamp/Ribbon Cord Ends –  clamp these ends onto your cord to secure it into place.

Glue-in Ends – use glue to secure your cord into each end.

Calottes – these are really neat way to finish off necklaces or bracelets. Post the wire or thread through the small hole, knot or crimp to keep the end inside. Close the calotte together like a clam shell and your knot or fixing is neatly covered! Turn the loop to close and use to attach to a clasp.

Wire Guardians – these are strung onto the end of your wire to protect the wire and are perfect to be attached onto your clasp.

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Clasps are used to finish off your jewellery design. Depending on the thread you have chosen and personal preference there are several types of clasps you could choose from.

Lobster (Trigger) Clasp – have a smaller trigger that pulls back and opens the clasp which you can hook onto a ring to close your necklace/bracelet.

Magnetic Clasp – these are ideal for lightweight jewellery designs and are easy to fasten.

Toggle Clasp - Toggle clasps are made of two parts, a bar and a toggle. The T-shaped bar turns on its side to slot in to the toggle and then sits across the opening to stay in place.

Hook Clasp – are a simply way of finishing your design. Simply attach to your design and hook the clasp ends together.

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