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Headpins Eyepins

Headpins and eyepins are popular, basic items for making earrings, charm bracelets and many other jewellery making projects. A headpin has a flat or ball-shaped pin at the bottom to stop beads at the end of a pin. They are ideal for creating collections of beads that dangle down from a starting point, like an earwire or a pendant. Eyepins have a pre-formed loop at one end. They are ideal for connecting between two components in your jewellery design. 1" and 2" are our most popular sizes. Find out how to use a headpin by watching our 'how to use a headpin' video tutorial.

When using headpins or eyepins you will usually need to form a loop at one end. This can be done by hand using round nose pliers. This is a basic jewellery making technique but it can be one of the hardest to master, especially when you are trying to keep your loops a consistent shape and size across your design. The 1-Step Looper tool has been created to do just that in one simple step. Find out how to use the 1-Step Looper here.

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