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Selling Your Jewellery and Crafts | Jewellery Business Week

Claire Humpherson

Posted by


Jewellery Business Week

Want to sell your jewellery but don’t know where to start? Already selling your jewellery but needing that extra boost? Or maybe you just want to make a bit of cash for your next bead purchase? We want to help!

That’s why we’re running Jewellery Business Week from 3rd-7th October 2011.

What is it?

Jewellery business week is an online event, making it easy for you to dip in and out when you want to get the information you need.

Where can I get involved?

We’ll have different craft and business experts offering help and advice all week! They will be offering you help and advice via Beads Direct’s Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

Why go?

Running a business isn’t easy, whether you’re trying to make a living or just a little extra. We have found you a whole host of expert advice to help get you started, boost your knowledge and (hopefully) your sales too! Ask those questions you always wanted to know the answer to, and make sure your jewellery business is on the right track.

How can I get prepared?

Tell us what you need

We already have loads of experts lined up, but if there is a particulr area of selling you’d like us to cover please leave a comment to let us know. We’ll try to cover all popular subjects if we can.

Last but not least, we’re excited that Kari Chapin, author of ‘The Handmade Marketplace, How To Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online’ has agreed to answer your questions! She’s a very busy lady so she’s kindly offered to answer 3 questions just for you.

If you have a question, please leave a comment starting ‘Question for Kari:’ and type your question. The most popular questions asked by Sun 18th Sept will be put to Kari.

Hope to see you at Jewellery Business Week!

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  1. lisa-marie morgan-edwards says on

    hi,Iam just starting out and want to know how i go about selling my jewellery through parties.lots of people have said they would love to have a party,but i dont know where to start as i want it to be fun night or day ?

  2. Sarouchka Lobbens says on

    I been beading for about a year now, my mom has a newspaperstore in Belgium and sells loads of my jewellery in her store but i cant seem to sell a single piece in England. I only have a facebook page at the moment but if people from england ask me a price i all of a suden dont hear from them again, my jewellery is cheap but well made (i only charge material and hours) but my mom sells them for double the price in Belgium and people think its cheap! Dont know how to get my jewellery selling anywere else then at my moms store!?

    • At my first Home Party my host and I decided to include a wine and cheese tasting. She bought the wine and I brought the cheeses. This kept it social as well as business. When it looked like most people had arrived I gave a quick talk about my jewelry and invited them to view an assortment of my pieces on the dining room table while they enjoyed the wine & cheese. I walked around the table explaining individual pieces. as they were looked at or picked up. No pressure, just information.
      I offered the host a $20 merchandise credit and 10% of the gross sales toward purchases after the party was over.
      I offered the group a chance to create their own stretch bracelet for $20 with beads I had selected. I even took a few special orders..
      I offered a 10% discount for anyone signing up do host their own jewelry party within the next 2 months. That aspect has not proved successful.
      Even with paying for the cheese it was my largest sale to date – even compared to all my other shows except 1. Since then I have done 2 more home parties which weren’t quite as successful. However they are definitely worth the effort!

    • You need to charge more. This is known as “perceived value”. I know of an American Indian lady that does hand carved Kachina dolls. When she started out, her prices were very low. She had trouble selling anything. The retailer through which she sold her dolls suggested she increase her prices. She went from $4 per doll to $50 per piece and can’t make them fast enough to meet the demand.

  3. Dawn Foster says on

    Hi i have just started to make jewellery and would like to know the best way of selling it and also how i go about starting to do jewellery parties

  4. Susan Docker says on

    there, just wondered if you have any tips on the best way to display jewellery items for max impact? Do i need to spend a fortune to do this?

    Many thanks

    Susan D

  5. Clair Malcolm says on

    Hi I did a party for one of friends last yr and went well. One idea is to offer 3 for 2 or offer the hostess 10% off the item of her choice, or based on what has been sold offer 10% of that, also take a bottle or some sort of gift to the party started.Also try and explain what materiels have been used. Hope this helps (used to do ann summers so used those tips) good luck x

  6. I would like advice on how to increase my sells on facebook and increase the traffic. Seems that only my friends from my fb page, for the most part, are the ones who see them. thanks

  7. I would love to start selling my jewellery at parties but not sure where to start. I was thinking of organising one with family and friends first as they would forgive me using them as guinea pigs but any good tips on gettin started and what I would need (apart from jewellery to sale of course :-)


  8. the are buying cheap already made stuff from ebay and they are putting the stuff we make really down the drain when u take a lot of time troubling your mind for designes but one thing i say that i am proud to make my own jewelry ..:(

  9. I have never done a home party, but I can suggest that you search out the best shows as being discerning about where you sell does make a difference. Of course display is everything.

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