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Crystal Pearls Neon Colours

Little Laura

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Neon Brights

Neon is one of 2012’s biggest trends, the perfect shades to really put you in that summery mood. Neon finishing touches such as belts and headbands are brilliant for embracing the trend, so why not create some jewellery to do the same. The colours can really brighten your mood and raise your spirits, and let’s face it; neon is always so much fun to wear. Mix neon’s with sorbet shades to add your own twist, whilst still keeping your piece on trend.

In the Swarovski crystal pearl range there are 3 colours for you to choose from; neon pink, neon orange and neon yellow. Pick one of the colours for block colour designs, or why not see what ways you can combine the three shades together, you could even mix the sizes! This piece does just that and is sure to catch people’s attention! We added in lucite flowers, spacer beads and a leaf style toggle clasp to finish our design.

Bigger sized pearls are used as the centre of the flower using a headpin; the headpin is then attached to the spacer bead bar. This gives the piece its bold and textured appearance!

Want to learn how to make this ‘Fruit Salad’ bracelet? Follow the instructions below;

You will need:
1x Beadalon Crimp Beads [FCR1]
1x Beadalon Beading Wire [W153]
1x Swarovski Crystal Pearls Neon Pink 8mm [HH201]
1x Swarovski Crystal Pearls Neon Orange 8mm [HH198]
1x Swarovski Crystal Pearls Neon Yellow 8mm [HH204]
1x Swarovski Crystal Pearls Neon Pink 6mm [HH200]
1x Swarovski Crystal Pearls Neon Yellow 6mm [HH203]
1x Swarovski Crystal Pearls Neon Orange 6mm [HH197]
1x Large Lucite Flowers [BO434]
1x Leaf Toggle Clasp [F1202]
1x 5 Strand Spacer [F1123]
1x Headpin [F1045]

If you would like all these items click here.

Step 1. Cut 3 pieces of wire measuring approx.20cm.

Step 2. Thread 1 piece of wire through the toggle clasp. Make a small loop and thread on a crimp bead so it covers all the wire, crimp the loop into place. Repeat this for the other two wires. The toggle clasp should now be securely attached to all 3 wires.

Step 3. Thread on the 6mm Pink Swarovski Neon Pearls to 1 of the strands. After every 6th bead add a spacer. (The spacer has 5 holes- you will only be using the holes at the ends and in the centre).

You will use a total of 3 spacers. When you have threaded on a total 24 beads, thread on a crimp bead and then thread it through the other toggle and crimp into place.

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 another 2 times but use the 6mm Orange and Yellow Neon Pearls instead.

Step 5. Get your 8mm Neon Peals and thread on to a headpin, then thread on a Large Lucite Flower.

Attach this Flower anywhere you wish onto your bracelet. Continue making these flowers and attach to bracelet.

Over on Pinterest we have gone neon crazy! Take a look at our neon board here.

Love the bracelet but not keen on neon? Then why not use it as inspiration for your own design, you could try with other beads or pearls, such as the gorgeous Swarovski gem colours!


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