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Beading Experts – Beading World Cup Winner Isabela Tanasa

Claire Humpherson

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Beading world cup winner

So she beat some tough competition to win the Beads Direct Beading World Cup. But who is Isabela Tanasa? How did she start making such beautiful jewellery? I caught up with Isabela to find out more about her, and her work.

Beading World Cup winner Isabela Tanasa

Isabela Tanasa

Hi Isabela. Congratulations on winning the Beads Direct Beading world cup. We really love your designs. Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your work?

Thank you so much. I, also, want to thank you for the opportunity you gave all of us to take part in this competition.

When and how did you start making jewellery?

I started in November 2008 because I felt very useless sitting at home all day and doing nothing but the house chores and raising my daughter.

Did you have any formal training?

No, I didn’t have any formal training. I learned all I know spending hours and hours on the internet

Entry for Greece in Round 1

Round 1 beading world cup necklace

What is the highlight of your jewellery making career so far?

Of course, the highlight is winning the 2010 Beads Direct World Beading Cup!

How did you make the decision to enter the Beading World Cup?

I thought it’s time to reach a new level and to test my beading abilities in an international competition

Round 2 necklace made with seed beads and Trinity Brass

Round 2 necklace, inspired by the bright green of spring in Greece

Your designs represented Greece, why did you choose this country?

First of all, I want to say that I wanted to represent Romania, my native country,but since I didn’t have that possibility I tried for Greece, being the country in which I lived and worked for 6 years. I’ve sent my entries also for France, Nigeria, Honduras, but I was very glad when my entry for Greece passed on the next round.

How did you feel when you heard you had made it through to the final?

I wouldn’t have thought I’d make it – not in my wildest dreams! I was sure the entries for Australia and England would be in the final.

Quarter finals wirework necklace

Quarter Finals necklace, inspired by those worn by Maria Callas

Has winning the beading world cup made a difference to your jewellery making career?

Winning the beading world cup helped me to grow more confident in what I’m doing. A higher confidence makes me see a brighter future in my jewellery making and gives me the power to get over my timidity in presenting my work to my clients.

Do you sell your jewellery?

Yes, I sell my jewellery and for that I have to thank my sister, Georgiana, who helped so much. I hope soon to open my own handmade jewellery and accessories business .

What do you look for in a bead?

The inspiration, that strike of lightening which uncovers what the bead could become.

Semi finals entry - seed bead necklace

Semi Finals Necklace - inspired by the Cretan labyrinth

Where do you find your inspiration?

At first I found inspiration from online galleries, because I didn’t have the slightest idea of what kind of findings, threads and tools I needed. On some galleries, every piece had a list of materials and in this way I knew what to order. Then, gaining some experience I started to make my own pieces. Now my source is the bead. When I’m ordering I don’t have a model in mind. I make the necklace or the bracelet after I hold the bead in my hand.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start selling their jewellery?

My experience told me to make simple, easy to sell pieces, if I want to gain something from this business. The more advanced jewellery designs are only for gifts and competitions or, if he/she is lucky for the special orders.

Final entry - seed bead necklace

Final entry using the symbol of the snake of Asclepius

See more of Isabela’s jewellery on her blog http://isa-si-bijuteriile.blogspot.com/

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